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March 31, 2010

Kansas House Tour-Part 1

Hey everyone! We just returned from Kansas where we went to a wedding. My husband and his best friend named their first born sons after each other. (chuckle....)anyhoo....we went to my hubby's best friend's sons wedding! Buwahahahaha...and stayed in this gorgeous English Country decorated home! (Hi Deann if you are reading this!)

The walls were painted a pale yellow...all the furnishings and tablecloths, etc. had touches of blue, cream and yellow in them. She told me the majority of the goodies in her home were from Hobby Lobby! WHY IS THERE NO HOBBY LOBBY IN CALIFORNIA? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY? I am heart sick when people (brag=boast) talk about what they have found at Hobby Lobby!!!!

Our kids drove up from college to meet us at the wedding. We make them go to pretty much every wedding there is! Big smile. Here is my daughter in love and my daughter. They play soccer together, go to college together and put fake eyelashes on together! My daughter says it is funny other team players assume you can't play good if you have make up on. She said she leaves them in the dust as she runs by them! hahahaha....ok ok....

My daughter in love Stephanie and son Robert Blake (hubby's best friend is Robert Blake-his son is named Kyle after my hubby) daughter Whitney and her sweetheart who is also at college (Austin-he is wonderful!).....
Well I have more pictures of the house tour later this week. Thanks for stopping by...and seriously...if anyone knows why Hobby Lobby isn't in California I would love to know.


Blondie's Journal said...

What a pretty home, Debbie. I love the blue/yellow combo! So pretty. I hope you tell me you had some time to shop at a Hobby Lobby while you were there!! When I was down South last year I was so thrilled to find a Ross store that everyone talks about!! Anyway, it's a beautiful home and I love the decor.

Your daughter looks like a brunette version of you. She and your DIL are gorgeous and of course the boys aren't half bad! ;-). Can't wait to hear more about your trip and the wedding!


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

We don't have Hobby Lobby here either - in fact if you go here - http://www.hobbylobby.com/stores/store_locations_search.cfm they are not on EITHER cost! Phooey!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I don't know why HL isn't there. It is in AZ....anyways...I love the little niche by the window seat...that is perfect!

Anonymous said...

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onlymehere said...

We have a Hobby Lobby in town and I rarely go in it. I thought it was overrated, but then again we have a fabulous crafting store that's been here forever and I go there! Old habits die hard! I got a kick out of your husband and his best friend naming their son's after each other! Good for you for going along with it!