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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

March 31, 2010

Kansas House Tour-Part 1

Hey everyone! We just returned from Kansas where we went to a wedding. My husband and his best friend named their first born sons after each other. (chuckle....)anyhoo....we went to my hubby's best friend's sons wedding! Buwahahahaha...and stayed in this gorgeous English Country decorated home! (Hi Deann if you are reading this!)

The walls were painted a pale yellow...all the furnishings and tablecloths, etc. had touches of blue, cream and yellow in them. She told me the majority of the goodies in her home were from Hobby Lobby! WHY IS THERE NO HOBBY LOBBY IN CALIFORNIA? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY? I am heart sick when people (brag=boast) talk about what they have found at Hobby Lobby!!!!

Our kids drove up from college to meet us at the wedding. We make them go to pretty much every wedding there is! Big smile. Here is my daughter in love and my daughter. They play soccer together, go to college together and put fake eyelashes on together! My daughter says it is funny other team players assume you can't play good if you have make up on. She said she leaves them in the dust as she runs by them! hahahaha....ok ok....

My daughter in love Stephanie and son Robert Blake (hubby's best friend is Robert Blake-his son is named Kyle after my hubby) daughter Whitney and her sweetheart who is also at college (Austin-he is wonderful!).....
Well I have more pictures of the house tour later this week. Thanks for stopping by...and seriously...if anyone knows why Hobby Lobby isn't in California I would love to know.

March 28, 2010

I see Shabby chic hutches in my future! Yipeeee!.

UHHHH....where's the paintbrush? What sneaky so and so took it?

I was soooo excited! Hubby said he was trying to cut costs...and didn't want to have linen closets built in to the new structure ($1500.00) and would I mind terribly to go out and buy a couple of hutches that could be painted(he tried to say shabby chic and fumbled the words around...can't even type what he said! hahahah) and used for holding linens? OH MY GOSH! YIPEEEE!

SO HERE IS the two hutches...he helped me unload them to take pictures for my blogging. He actually joined in to help!

This is me in disguise...cleaning all the goock off...yes that's a word!
This one had been left outside in the rain so it is very distorted and worn out...and I'm lovin' it!
My supervisor! Big smile.

Yipeeee! Hopefully this project will get done soon!

(Posted to add...I did finish this and it looks amazing...but I'm off to a wedding and didn't take a clear picture...darn) Will post later.

Playing along with Met. Monday and our wonderful hostess with the mostess SUSAN!

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March 26, 2010

Sweet Little Aprons

Welcome sweet friends! I am so glad you stopped by! There is spring in the air, a touch of pink...things are blooming....I love it. I have been busy with decorating, painting, organizing...but I managed to fit in....a tiny bit of sewing. I have had aprons on my mind. Little ones.

I found this sweet little pattern at Joann's the other day for making miniature aprons...I have just gotten started...and I am in love!
Decorating today with Kimba @ A soft place to land!
If you follow my blog you will remember last year I made a small dress to hold clothespins....

Since my kitchen is red and white I of course had to make a little red checked apron...I made a few more that I will show next week~

I made my own pattern for this one...the measurements had to be just right!
It had to fit just so....

Ooooops..... what is this?

The backs of the aprons!

So sweet. I used to love making doll clothes but now I'm stuck on making little aprons!
Oh the possibilities, the colors, the rick rack, the trim....And they took such a short time to make...big smile.
thanks so much for coming by!
"A good woman is hard to find....she shops around for the best yarns and cottons, and enjoys knitting and sewing..."
Proverbs 31 (Message Bible)

March 24, 2010

Tablescape Thursday!

Welcome everyone to Tablescape Thursday hosted by http://http//betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/

I am re-posting this from last year. I love love love the little napkins that look like Easter bunny ears!

I have to say I think of Tablescaping more than I should, when I shop I ask myself first...."What would this look like as a centerpiece?"...."Do I have napkins to match??" "Will this look hideous? Beautiful? Plain?"

I found this picket planter and rabbit at the thrift store...they both had to be spray painted..they were just unfinished. And I cannot take any credit for the cute napkins that look like bunny ears! I saw those on the cutest blog during a Tablescape Thursday....bless her heart her blog was adorable and I want to find it again! So if anyone knows let me know I want to give her 'credit'....
I made the tablecloth (just 3 yards of spring fabric, edged with a ruffle in a contrasting fabric) also the table runner was quick and easy. I love making table runners.
I wanted to sew a few more buttons on but my wrist got tired!

These are little kids spring bracelets I found in the dollar bin at "Joann's...I put them around the candles and I also used them as napkin rings.

It's hard to see but I have my little 'fake' chocolate bunny under the cheese dome! I noticed Martha Stewart has a recipe to make these fake little bunnies on her blog! I love it.

Saturday I will post how I made these sweet little Easter cupcakes!

Thanks so much for your visit!
Luke 24:30 "He took bread and blessed it and gave it to them..."

March 23, 2010

Sweet ~Bittersweet

Hello again....
Just a few pictures of Whitney Rose with my husbands parents...her biggest soccer fans...

and with my sweet mom....dad was asleep....her other biggest soccer fans!

Above is mom and dad's room addition on the side of our house. We added this on to our bedroom which will be their bedroom now with the master bath. This room will have a small kitchenette and living area in it. They need to be downstairs. Their home has stairs and it is too much for them to go up and down every day.

This is the upstairs above their room. We are adding a master bath upstairs which used to be our boys' rooms. The boys just had a 1/2 bath upstairs so we are making it bigger with walk-in closets, shower, and bath.

I will show more later on after the builder adds the texture to the walls. This week the painting will be done, on the walls, the cupboards, light fixtures, etc. Then we will start the process of moving my parents in with us.
It is sweet and hard having them with us. My parents are wonderful, my dad has been an amazing person all his life, a great minister~very funny and Godly, and just in the last year has been forgetting many things.....and this makes my mother sad.

Difficult to watch on a day to day process but sweet that my parents adore each other.
Again....we are navigating through rough waters, wondering just how rough the waters will get. I'm more concerned about that than I am anything else.



"What time I am afraid, I will have confidence in and put my trust and reliance in You....on God I lean, rely and confidently put my trust; I will not fear..." Psalm 45:3,4

March 21, 2010

~UHHHHGLY to Unbelievable~FARMHOUSE Bathroom

Welcome sweet friends!

Talk about plain....dull....nothing that would make you want to walk in here...this is after I pulled off the wallpaper that was curling at the seams....ripped in other places...yawn...ho hum...
So with Met. Mondays in mind I decided to change things around a bit! Got hubby to help me too. He's very into blogging projects now and understands the importance of them...wink!
When you live in a farmhouse...
the rooms are older! They have character
but they definitely have problems too.

Be sure you notice the light fixture...brass...it got SPRAY PAINTED!

I bought Martha Stewart paint in Milk Pail....
and for the white cabinets I used
Picket Fence. I love her paint.

I bought spray paint in the Oil Rubbed Bronze~Metallic~Rustoleum. Loved it. Sprayed several things with it to tie it all together.

The soap pump is from Target in the same dark
bronze color.

Found these towel hooks at Marshalls. My family is not friendly to Towel Bars...for some reason they get ripped out of the walls...football players aren't delicate when reaching for towels. The act they they are tackling the towel as they RIP it towards them from the wall! I had to repair several holes in the wall....before painting.

Next we added tile above the shower where the drywall had peeled away....love the look!

Here was my inspiration piece that I have shown before. I took a 29.00 book case from Walmart, lined the back with scrapbook paper, bought matching towels, and added little things here and there to tie into the look in the bathroom.

This was a free graphic from Graphic's Fairy Blog. I matted with scrapbook paper and spray painted frame.

It is difficult to tell but the paint color is that light green/blue turquoise color.

Below is a cannister I made. Hot glued the bird on the lid and then spray painted it with the same Metallic spray paint to tie in the look. I made a couple of these and I love them.
Below is Armstrong Adhesive Floor Tile (peel and stick). I had the ugliest linoleum and put some type of concoction over that (rolled it on with paint roller) and after it dried we applied the peel and stick tile. I have used this tile before and absolutely love it. It has held up well after several years and would use it again. LOVE IT!

I have a friend in Kansas who has tiny little lamps in every bathroom. I adored the look and had to add one and the base actually matched everything!
Thanks so much for coming by and seeing my new bathroom in our farmhouse!
Be sure to visit Susan @ Betweennapsontheporch for more Met. Monday inspiration!
"But God is rich in mercy because of His great love for us." Ephesians 2:4