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January 22, 2010

Pink pink you stink....

Just a little flooding here in S. California outside our driveway!

Hubby asked "What is that smell?" I said what smell...he said he smelled glue...oh brother...it is Mod Podge! I had dripped it everywhere...I'm a bit messy...sloppy...eager to finish the project...working way too fast (not quite the speed of light) and I drip as I go....on my clothes, shoes, floor, counter top.... I bought several dollar frames at Michael's and one scrapbook pad and oh the projects I have been Mod Podging...(new word)...and dripping....yes I had to scrape up paper towel I had Mod Podged to the floor...ooops...darned stuff really sticks...hahaha

Next I Mod Podged wood blocks....

A Cake Plate Pedestal....

All from this little "BE MINE" stack.

More pinkness and fun for Valentine's day! I'm playing along with http://funkyjunkinteriors.blogspot.com/?

and with Beverly over at
for Pink Saturday!

I'm going to put my kids pictures in these. I love pulling out frames every year to decorate with and look at them and remember how young they looked...how young I looked...oh my...I'm turning 50 this year. But I'm still 12 in Leap Years(I'm a Leap Year baby) so no real birthday for me this year.

Free Vintage Valentine Images at vintageholidaycrafts.com

Well thanks for coming by on this Glorious Pink Saturday!
Hope you are safe and dry! We are trying not to slip and slide around our place! Big smile.


Simple Home said...

Everything turned out wonderful, and thanks for that great link. I'm going to be using that!

Light and Voices said...

Oh my goodness that is a lot of rain.
Joyce M

Terri said...

Love the paper, Debbie! I'm gonna have to check it out. Headed to Hobby Lobby tomorrow cause I'm working on some baby shower invitations and need pretty paper. You have inspired me!

Teacup Mosaics said...

Beautiful job of mod-podging! I have the paper pack you are using and I think it is so pretty. Great ideas to feature such wonderful papers. Happy PS!

Crystal said...

I am into Mod Podging right now too. It is so fun, but I can get quite messy myself:) I just love how everything turned out.

I am glad to hear you are safe from the storms.
Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Your cake pedestal totally rocks!

~ Gabriela ~

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

You always have the greatest DIY projects!

Yeah, it's been really bad up here in northern California too mixed in with snow. I thought they said no rain for today . . . NOT true!

Happy Pink Saturday!!


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Oh what fun, Debbie! I hope you're enjoying all of those sweet creations...

JJ said...

Now I've gotta look up mod podgin on Google.
Enjoyrf my visit her

stefanie said...

what gorgeous pinks your are making...I am super messy too.

Nancy said...

How clever. I'm getting more courageous with Modge Podge. Happy Pink Saturday!

Treasia Stepp said...

How pretty everything turned out. I really really like the frames. Just gorgeous. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday Debbie.

♥Mimi♥ said...

It never fails. If the weather is all gray and gloomy Pink Saturday always cheers me up! This week is no exception. Your post this week is just wonderful! ♥Thank you so much for making my day a little brighter!♥

Sending warm wishes to you from northern Michigan - where the cold winds blow and gray clouds pepper the skies.

Unknown said...

Did I read correctly? You're not going to celebrate your 50th???? You MUST! You've earned it :-)

Since I am still celebrating my 51-and-how-the-heck-did-I-get-here birthday, please allow me to send you (and all who read this) a birthday gift: the link for a free cover-to-cover read of my book.

It's about how my amazing Spirit-led journey began on the birthday that all of my friends forgot! (One of my best birthdays yet!)

Just sign up here: no experts needed dot com

No strings/spam attached, really!
(I know, hard to believe these days :-) But it's simply my way of giving back.

Continue the celebration,
Louise Lewis, author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!
(A SoCal gal...)

Pom Pom said...

Hi Debbie! Yikes! We're whining here in Colorado - so cold and gray. Floods are a whole different concern! Happy Pink!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the great inspirations. Might have to make a trip to Michael's this week for some supplies. :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Debbie,

You have a pretty blog and came over via Sares, blog.
I love your decoupage pots and the cards.

Happy pink Saturday

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

You know, I always thought you got more done than was humanly possible and now I know how! Dripping as you go!! :-) LOL

You make the cutest stuff Debbie! Love it all.

Charlene said...

Hope you are dry & safe with all that rain! They were showing some terrible flooding out there. I LOVE the central coast of California! I was out there twice last year. I would love to summer out there when our temps are so blasted hot! Anyway, stay safe.

I LOVE all the Valentine things you shared with us on Pink Saturday today. Did you get that paper stack this year? Where? I loved it. And if we could use a handy dandy 40% off that would be even better. HAPPY PINK SATURDAY! Charlene

Patricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday !!! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing your lovely photos - Please a wonderful new week.

Wolfe's den said...

I love your decorated wood blocks!!
I made ones like that for my MIL for christmas!! I decoupaged them, painted and had one block for each of my child!! She can stack them anyway!!
I am going to make some for myself as well!!!
Great projects!!!

Auntie C said...

You are an amazing woman and I love to read your blog. I will be following in your messy footsteps and try some modge podging soon. I see that you used a sponge and just the other day I read that a brush should be used because of bubbles from the sponge. Just curious about your expert opinion. I love, love, love the things you share. Thank you.