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July 14, 2009

Sheep Attacked my sunflowers! Outdoor Wednesday

You live on a farm and you will have what I call Farm drama!
This is my sunflowers starting in my wine barrels by the front door. Well this week the sheep decided they didn't want to stay in their pen....and wanted to drop in for a visit....so of course on the 3 acres we have....our front yard was their #1 choice!
This is what the plants are supposed to look like! Well here I ran after them, in p.j.s of course since it was wee morning hours....waving a broom...the only respond to drama! I helped my wonderful hubby....who had a flake of hay in his hands walking peacefully (*&%$) toward the pen....and of course animals follow when you lure them with food....I could be lured....with chocolate and coffee!
So Welcome to Susan's Outdoor Wednesday @http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ for all the outdoor fun please visit her!

Coco our new pup loves this boogie board and loves to lay on it or next to it. Of course he wouldn't pose for my outdoor Wednesday post. Here he is posing with my hubby...

Thanks so much for the visit....I'm heading inside for some iced tea (really a nap) and some cool air. It was 103 today!
"and the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them...." John 10:3


Salmagundi said...

The pink of that rose is delicious!! Sally

Jessica said...

Silly sheep! I had to picture you out in your pj's shooing them with a broom. LOL

Carole said...

Cute story! Cute puppy!

It was 104 here today!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Funny, drama! Love the flowers!


Black Sheep Lisa said...

LOL, i can just see u running around with a broom in your pjs!!
Sheep want to play to ya know!!
Coco is so sweet!

cwa said...

Hello. Just love this blog. My kids raised sheep for 4-H. They can be some hard headed, determined creatures when they want to be. Then other times they can be the sweetest, most docile creatures. You just never know what mood they are going to wake up in.

Ginger said...

I can relate to your sheep. When we had our goats, they would get out and eat anything in sight, but first they would start on my rose bushes. Ate them down to the ground, thorns included. I love your puppy.

The Old Parsonage said...

That's too funny - where was the video cam?


Simple Home said...

Another beautiful post Debbie! Those flowers are wonderful. We had temps at 101, so I'm with you on the iced tea and a nap :-)

GranthamLynn said...

OH I am so sorry about the sunflowers. I understand mine were eatin' by a horse and two little donkey's! I hope the roses stay safe they are beautiful.
Have a great Thursday,