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June 24, 2009

Watermelon Decor & Giveaway cont.

Hey Everyone!

Be sure to see my Watermelon tablescape if you missed it that I posted the other day here @ http://ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com/2009/06/tablescaping-today.html Here is just a glimpse of it...
As I looked around the other day and noticed I had a few watermelon things here and there. I love watermelon, and I love the yellow meated watermelon in Texas...Have you ever tried that? It is soooo sweet and delicious. It tastes just like red melons, but it is yellow. Like brown and white eggs....they are the same....but I do prefer brown eggs.

These are made out of Osnaburg fabric, which is similar to muslin, it is tan but a little nubbier. You cut the shapes from the pattern, stuff them with stuffing. Then you paint the rind part green with a paintbrush, and the white part you leave alone. After it dries, paint the meat part of the watermelon red or dark pink. Let dry. If you want a prim look, then tea dye next. Very last, I dipped a small paintbrush in black paint and add the seeds. Let dry. You could spray with varnish, or leave alone.
I love them and plan to make more!
Here are the patterns. I looked for the link I had for the free pattern and of course if was nowhere to be found. So I did the next best thing I traced around the watermelon wedges I had and made the pattern here. Hold your mouse over the pattern, click on it and it will open in a new window, then right click and a new window will open, click on save! Then you will have it in your file...like I should have but don't! Big smile!

I cut just outside the lines, sewed around it leaving the little area open for stuffing. Then I hand stitched it closed. NOW IF YOU DON'T SEW, THERE IS THIS MARVELOUS STUFF CALLED FABRIC GLUE! You just use it like regular glue...it draws a small line through the tip of the glue bottle and you can run it along the seams and wait for it to dry. You might want to just try it and see if it works for you...it might!

One last thing...when I painted the watermelons I added a few drops of water to the paint...this made the paint a little more runny and it seemed to be easier to spread. Then I put my painted watermelons on a cookie sheet and baked them in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour. Or you could set them outside in the hot sun so they can dry!

The real thing! This went real quick at our house....what a drippy delicious mess!

I found this watermelon basket at a consignment store.

Made the pillow from a replica feed sack I got at a quilt show in the early 80's.
Crochet watermelon wreath @ http://www.crochetwithattitude.com/
Crochet with attitude is a great site for patterns.

for dolly dress pattern go to http://www.blog.ecrochetpatterns.com/ http://www.pioneerprimitives.com/ for rug hooking pattern.


To order this cute little pattern go to http://www.littlehouseneedleworks.com/

Thank you for the fun visit!

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Darlene said...

All of your watermelon decor is absolutely ADORABLE!!

Bella Della said...

How fun! I love all your watermelon stuff. Your tablescape is adorable.

The Old Parsonage said...

Wow Debbie

Can't believe that I'm only the 2nd comment. Ususally when I visit there are tons before me.

I loved your watermelon tutorial. Remember how fun it was to have seed spitting contests?

Enjoy, and count me in on your giveaway!!

Heidi said...

OMGOODNESS Debbie!!...I simple NEED those stuffed watermelons!!!!....Absolutely adorable!!!....Your friend, Heidi XO

Anonymous said...

HI Debbie! Love those little stuffed watermelons and thanks for the pattern and instructions. Now the real thing is making my mouth water. I had bought one, poked it in the fridge and pulled it out last night to eat and it wasn't good. I was so sad! Be sure to add my tiny name to your giveaway.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

You really do have quite a few lovely watermelon items. I don't think I have a one! Perfect for summer! Have a great week.

Salmagundi said...

I grew up in an area that grows more watermelons than you need; and believe it or not, I don't care for watermelon. Must have eaten too much as a child. Your projects are all charming, however. Sally

The Cottage Girl said...

Goodness, your porch should be featured in a magazine or something! I am truly inspired, and love the watermelon look. Thanks for sharing the pattern with all your blogger pals!

The Cottage Girl

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh my gosh. Cute stuff Debbie. Love the watermelon love. I've never ever come across a yellow one. Now I must look for it! What a sweet giveaway.

Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your watermelons!! Super cute!
Hugs, Lisa

Beansieleigh said...

I hope I'm commenting in the right place!!.. Please do enter me in your giveaway! I LOVE all your watermelon decor. I have a small watermelon collection of things, and I just love EVERYTHING you're showing here!.. including the stuffed cloth watermelon, which I would like to make, then of course, the crochet wreath and dolly dress! Thank you for sharing all these patterns and ideas!

onlymehere said...

I'm loving this watermelon decor and the painting you did on them! I may have to make up a few! Cindy

Mary Ann said...

What a cute blog you have! Looks like you have lots of talent. Best wishes to you.

Aimee said...

That makes me want to go out and buy a watermelon! Yum!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

Ramona said...

CUTE~OLA!!!!! What a darling post. I can see that you are loving summer a bunch and then some!

Thanks for the pattern.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Cindy Surber said...

Great Watermelon decor.
I live in the high desert southern CA. It nice to meet another Califorian.

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed going through your blog. The new puppy is adorable. I'm so sorry about your dogs. It breaks my heart. We have a 4 year old yellow lab and a lab mix from the pound. They are our friends, our protectors and occasionally our feet warmers.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

I love your flag pillow and all that watermelon stuff is so cute!

Gabrielle Mader said...

I love those hand made watermellons..so cute...you did a great job.

When we were in Gulf Shores, AL there is a sign on the beach that says...NO WATERMELLON...I thought that was funny.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This was so fun to look at! I love the fabric watermelons!


Muthering Heights said...

Those little watermelons are precious...and you tablescape is adorable!

Anonymous said...