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May 28, 2009

Vintage Goodies

I found these sweet little kitchen embroidered towels in my own closet...while I was organizing and cleaning my linen closet. My sweet sister in love gave me these years ago. Her grandmother had made them and she passed them along to me!

The turquoise hand mixer I found in our old camping supplies!
The old becomes new again.


Anonymous said...


Denise said...

Your "new" goodies are beautiful!!


Darlene said...

I LOVE all your "new" goodies!! What fun to find them!

Blondie's Journal said...

It looks like you have stumbled upon a treasure trove! How nice!!! Those towels are so sweet!!

Enjoy the rest of your week! :-)


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love these vintage towels, and the turquoise hand mixer is so fun! I'd love to have one, so if you ever get tired of yours, you can pass it on to me. Just something to keep in mind. ;-)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Wow, great finds and free to boot. Can't beat that:-).

At Home With Amy said...

Isn't it great to find something you had tucked away and forgot about. I love the towels.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

GOsh, all your stuff is so cute, and goes so well together, what treasures! It is so much fun to find something we've put away and forgotten about and bring it out and have something "new"!

Lisa said...

I just love the kitten towels! And how you found things. I've been finding alot lately too!
Hugs, Lisa

Unknown said...

Just found your blog! What wonderful antique treasures you have. Love the stitched towels.

The Old Parsonage said...

Do you have all the days of the week? I've seen a lot of vintage inspired tea towels and pillow slips lately, but I really like the handwork on yours.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ginger said...

Don't you love finding things you have forgotten about? Those are so cute.

Sue said...

The best kind of recycling of all! Was yours, is yours, gonna stay yours, Hehee!!