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April 22, 2009


Hello again! We took some time off and visited a magical kingdom in a far, far away place. Mr. Farmer asked his little princess who just turned 18 what she wanted for her birthday now that she was an adult. She said "daddy I want to go to Disneyland!" So you become an adult so you can....play, ride some fast rides, and visit a castle!

We saw our Disney friends, ate wonderful food, and about 8:30 hubby and I made our way back to my parents RV to take a much needed "NAP" while the kids stayed till 12:00! I turn into a pumpkin at 12:00 and didn't want anyone to see the transformation, so we left early!

Here he is pondering...."do I go on the Matterhorn or Space Mountain?" Hmmmm....
We ended up riding the slower choo choo train around the park!
I am glad to be home in my own little magical kingdom with my own farmer prince!


Denise said...

How fun! That just proves that you are never to old for Disney. My dad is 72 and goes to Disney World every year for his birthday! LOL


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Happy Birthday to her!!!! Looks like yall had a great time. Im guessing you are with me....a bit sad...graduation ia almost here! Its not the graduation Im sad about its the trip Im really worried about. Jesse in Florida with only kids....a scary thing! Hope all is well with yall. Take care~

Darlene said...

It looks like a great trip. Happy birthday to your dear daughter and what a great pick!!!

Ginger said...

Disneyland is such a fun place to go. I can remember when it first opened and my older brother had a job there. We got in for free and had a pass to ride all the rides for free. Boy, that's a long time ago, lol.

Sue said...

We LOVE Disneyland!! We were there last June. Did you do Downtown Disney too? The shops are so fun and the Rainforest Cafe a delight!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I too would have chosen the choo choo train! What a wonderful trip! Glad you had a nice time.

The Vintage Housewife... said...

oooh what a sweet sweet baby...happy birthday miss whit...what fun to spend the day with your lil' princess...blessings cat

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like FUN... I was just saying I think we need a trip to Disneyland... it's been YEARS!!!

Kathleen Ellis said...

How FUN!!! That sounds like something one of my kids would have asked for! There is nothing like being back in your own castle, though!