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April 10, 2009

Pink Saturday/Easter decor/Birthday Boohoo

Hey Everyone! Happy Easter first of all! This is a glorious weekend to celebrate and have fun. Real quick a little shout out to my sweet daughter whom I love to pieces...she turns 18 (Boohooing softly) this weekend. I am happy, and a little tearful over the big birthday!

I am so blessed by my baby girl....she is everything a mom could ask for in a daughter. Thank you God for her!
I bought these little rabbit ears for my teddy bear out of the $1.00 bin at Target...I think they are actually for dogs or cats. And they have little pink fuzzy fur inside...I adore! These little guys are having their own Easter celebration in my living room!

Is that candy they snuck from the kitchen? I wondered where it all went...they have been munching after I have gone to bed!

Yep, this one below has been caught red (pinkhanded) handed! Again in my kitchen there has been a lot of baking and cooking getting ready for the big celebration...we are cooking several breakfast casseroles (Paula Deen's french toast casserole) for our Church's Easter breakfast, and then we are cooking for our big family gathering on Sunday! Yippeee I love all of this!

Someone stole my pink candy eggs and replaced them with blue! Shame shame!

I love this cookbook from Target on making cookies and decorating them for the different holidays.

So of course I made some sugar cookie dough, got out the cookie cutters and started baking away!
Then I made several cakes....

Decided on this as my cake plate...

Woohoo! I had fun...my hubby raised his eyebrows like "What in the world do you call it?" I said it is my Easter extravaganza cake! Hahaha big smile!

Topped with edible Easter grass (Walmart) and loads of malted ball Easter eggs, surrounded with yummy cookies...oh my! Where is the coffee and creamer and a piece of cake?

Here is my other spring project I was working on...a little spring decoupaging!

This has been so fun....I love spring...I love Easter....I love going to church and hearing the glorious Easter music, seeing little girls in their Easter outfits....watching kids run circles around the Sunday School teachers because they have had too much Easter candy! Big smile. It is a fun day. Hope you have a Blessed Celebration.

"Christ the Lord is Risen Today...Hallelujah!"


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

That Easter Extravaganza cake is awesome! You are so creative!

Happy Easter Debbie! I love all the same things about Easter too!


Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Debbie...

Yes...He is risen...Jesus lives!!! Happy Easter, my friend!

Sure did enjoy your darling post...hmmm, you did catch those darling little bunnies red handed, didn't you? Hehe!! So cute!!!

Girl, I love your Easter eggstravaganza cake!!! It just looks soooo yummy! I'm with you...get the coffee and let's have a piece! Hehe!!! You're so creative and talented!!!

Just want to wish your daughter a Happy 18th Birthday! She is gorgeous!!!

Sending you and your family my very best wishes and blessings for a Happy Easter!!!

Sue said...

Wow~ Your cake looks great!! Happy Birthday to your daughter, she is beautiful! Mine turns 17 this year, sigh.....
Happy Easter Blessings~LillySue

Linda in AZ * said...

* Birthday wishes to your pride and joy, and THANKS for showing that CAKE ~~~it's SOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Happy Easter! Linda *

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, I love that cake!

Painter's Place said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday to her. I love your cake. I bet Hubby dove right in right after he asked what you call it!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your stunning daughter. I love your cake it is a work of art, I love making cakes but no where near as decorative as that. Happy Easter Sara

Glennis said...

Wow, so many wonderful things for Easter. Your daughter looks lovely - what a wonderful young lady.

Have a great holiday together.

Lulu said...

Hope your baby girl had a great Birthday..She is beautiful..

♥Mimi♥ said...

♥A lovely and purr-fect Pink Saturday blog post. During this most holy time of the year I am wishing you rainbows, gracious days, dewdrop nights and the love of friends and family to comfort you and hold you close.♥

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Awesome cake and what a beautiful daughter. She looks just like her mother! Have a blessed Easter.

Michelle said...

Your cake is absolutely adorable!

Have a great Pink Saturday!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! And Happy Pink Saturday!
Your pinks are wonderful; especially your cake. May you be blessed with a lovely and blessed Easter.


Loretta said...

Happy Easter, Debbie! That cake is just soooo cute!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your Daughter!
The cake is fabulous!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! Your cake is just stunning, how very creative! I love your pink teddies and all their Easter goodies as well. Happy Pink Saturday and Easter!


Claudia said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and Happy Pink Saturday!

Chandy said...

Debbie, how do I get to your house? LOL I love the cake and the plate it's on!

Happy Easter!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. My little girl's birthday (38th) was yesterday. Aren't they such a gift. I ADORE my daughter. She is so much fun and such a blessing.

Wishing you a joyful and blessed Easter.


Deanna said...

Wow Debbie, your cake and cookies look so delicious!

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. She definately has your sweet smile!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
and a Blessed Easter!
Deanna :D

Unknown said...

WOW! That cake sure is an extravaganza, I'm very impressed!

Some folks have been getting a "stack overload" message when they try to view my blog. This is a blogger vs. Microsoft random problem. To fix it, just empty your Temp folder. Or use Firefox for your browser, lol! I hope you'll continue to visit!

KatCollects said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Daughter! I love the cake you made, so fun. Happy Pink Saturday, and wishing you a beautiful Easter filled with blessings.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy B-Day to your pretty daughter The cake looks fabulous. cindy

Ginger said...

Hi Debbie:
Happy Easter to you and yours!!!
What a cute cake. I've never heard of edible easter grass. Something new I guess. You have been busy baking and decorating. How fun.
Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter. I think she looks like you.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Debbie; Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. And Happy Pink Saturday. Love that cake, I really love that cake...lol your cookies look pretty darn good as well... Oh and I can forget your pretty pink Easter decorations...

Have a Blessed Easter.


Susie Jefferson said...

What a wonderful Easter spread. Happy birthday to your stunning daughter!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

happy birthday!!! cute cake

Char said...

Beautiful daughter, Happy Birthday, beautiful post and I have to say I have never seen edible Easter grass. Will have to remember that next year. Love the bunnies on parade too. Happy Pink Saturday, Happy Easter, Char

Cathy Miller said...

Debbie, your daughter is beautiful. She looks like her momma!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy Easter Debbie. That cake is adorable. And those cookies.....yummy!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. Your daughter is so pretty. She looks just like her mommma.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy belated birthday, pink saturday & happy easter too! that is one yummylicious cake!.. so mouth watering when look at it.. have a great week!

Catharina Maria said...

beautiful pink and Easter post !
Rini the Netherlands

Diana LaMarre said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Your daughter is beautiful (she looks just like you).

I haven't seen that edible grass before.Cool cake!

The Old Parsonage said...

You daughter is soo beautiful, and with the crown, she looks like a princess.

Thanks for the Walmart tip. I went there and found all the candy you mentioned and it was all color coordinated! Pinks, Yellows, etc. What fun.

BTW- Do you work outside your home? All of you projects, blogging, baking, etc. must keep you soo busy!

Salmagundi said...

That cake looks wonderful!! We've all been fascinated with the edible grass from Walmart, too. Happy Birthday to your daughter - she is beautiful!! Sally

Anonymous said...

I've had such a busy weekend, so I'm here a few days late. Anyway..

Happy belated Pink Saturday and happy belated happy birthday to your daughter....! X Es X

Jennifer said...

I love all your bears dressed up as bunnies! I love the Easter Cake. What A great Idea that is. I am so sorry abou tgetting to you late.
Happy Belated Pink Saturday!