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April 3, 2009

Pink Saturday-Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Welcome everyone to Pink Saturday! Be sure to visit Beverly @ How Sweet the sound for all the Pink Goodness going on today! I just love Pink Saturdays!
Today I am posting about "Pink Easter Cupcakes"....get out your baking supplies you are going to love this!
Oh my goodness! I have made quite a few cupcakes...I love it. I'm not sure who will eat all this goodness but I am enjoying the fun of making them. I visited Walmart and walked down this isle of candy goodness and fun! I got so excited as things literally jumped off the shelves and into my cart! "Oh my I exclaimed to those who walked by me with their eyebrows raised...." I smiled and as if I needed to explain all this candy in my cart to other passer bys....I said "I have alot of children (they are away at college...but...)
later!!!! Oh my gosh! I'm sending things to my college kids for Easter....after I use most of it for decorating cookies and cupcakes!

So the baking began and I sprayed my cupcake liners with Pam before I put the cake mix in and thenbaked them...Hey where did those cupcakes go?
Lots of yummy goodness to decorate Oh 1000 cupcakes with
First we start with a chocolate malted egg candy!....Then we addtwo little pink marshmallows for bunny cheeks, M&M's for eyes,
edible Easter grass from Germany (actually Walmart carries this in loads of colors...)for the Whiskers

next I took marshmallows (pink ones) cut them in half and dipped the cut (sticky) side down in pink sugar sprinkles

Don't they make the cutest ears?
Next Walmart had M&M's in several different colors but all solid...like all orange, all pink...I need to go back and get more orange for the fall. I had never seen them packaged this way!

If you have bunnies you have to have carrots! I loved these and boy would they be good with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I ended up taking about 40-50 cupcakes to church and a birthday party...they were so tasty I had to get them out of my house!

This was so much fun! You have got to visit this cupcake site, they had loads of ideas.
Love it.

Blessings,(licking frosting off my hands as I type this!)


Linda said...

Well am I ever glad I dropped by to visit this Pink Saturday...I have a preschool party to bake for this week and I am going to try and "borrow" some of your brilliant ideas!! Thanks and Happy Pink Saturday!


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun making those cupcakes. I bet they will be even MORE fun to eat though!!

Have a great weekend! hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Thank you for the tutorial, I just love recipes with photos. These are wonderful.
Happy Pink SAturday,

SmilingSally said...

What cute ideas! I never heard of edible grass. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday. Check out my book giveaways!

Come for Blue Monday.

Lisa said...

This is perfect! I love fun easy stuff. Thanks for the step by step! I'll have to mark this one and come back when I can bake!

Happy Pink Saturday!

HUgs, Lisa

♥Mimi♥ said...

Pink Saturday is one of those times that I indulge myself and my ♥ of the color pink. Today your blog helped to fill my pink-a-licious desire. Thanks so much!

You ROCK! Gonna make those cuppy-cakes for my grandchildren.

Char said...

My mouth is watering and I want to make those. I also want to eat one, or maybe two, or three.......four!! Oh no, I need to go to the store, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Betty Jo said...

Oh No! Now I'm hungry and it's hours before my son is doing a stir-fry for us. LOL Your goodies are all beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday! ♥

Unknown said...

These came out great, Debbie!

Lisa said...

How cute! And they look delicious too. Thanks for the link!

Amy said...

so cute! Thanks for the link - I've book marked it for future reference.


Chandy said...

So cool! Those bunny cupcakes are delicious and fun!

RobinfromCA said...

Now I am so hungry! And I always want cupcakes - always! Whatever happened to cherry chip cake mix? It's the very best for pink holidays and for piling on heaps and heaps of frosting! Now it would need your bunnies and carrots!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Debbie; Happy Pink Saturday;
I have not seen such cute cupcakes like those before.... and they look very yummy... How cleaver. Thanks for sharing.


Nancy said...

Excellent post! Lots of good ideas. I miss my college son being here for Easter, too. Happy Pink Saturday!

Claudia said...

Those cupcakes are adorable! You've decorated them wonderfully! Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Oh what cute little bunnies! I think I will make these for my kindergarten class! Thanks for sharing!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Debbie! I hopped over from Kimba's blog! The cupcakes got my attention!

They are just precious! I am going to make some for my boys--even though they're a little older! You are never too old for bunny and carrot cupcakes!

Love your blog! I'll be back to visit!


CC said...

These cupcakes are beyond wonderful. I just love them... and thatnks so much for that site. I have to visit and see what they have. Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

How cute these are! Great job! laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! On Friday we made your cute little bunny cupcakes in my kindergarten class. The children LOVED making them! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. It is a treat to visit your pages. Your baby lambs are adorable! Happy Easter - celebrating our Lord Jesus with family and friends is the best!