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February 9, 2009

Miniature Blessings in a Big way!

Ever since I was a wee one, I have loved old fashioned things, especially miniature items. My dad was a minister...and I found myself in church most nights of the week. I actually loved being in church, and taking along as many toys as my two little hands could hold! I found that I could take more things with me if they were small. So I loaded up my treasures and headed to church.

I also found that the pews of the church made wonderful walls for my pretend doll house. The songbooks when opened in such a way would separate the rooms, then I would place all the little goodies I brought in different rooms I made. I would have a couple of Barbie dolls, and baby dolls(these fit in my mom's purse) a great deal of Barbie shoes, tiny pots and pans, little books, pens, crayons. I finally upgraded to a tote to carry all my goodies. If I ever left one of my dolls at church after a few tears my dad would go back to get it for me. I created quite a world in those church pews. Barbie would fall in love with Ken and go to church, or Barbie would get married at the church, or Barbie would break a leg...at church. You get the picture!
I am nearing the end of my time being in my forties and I find that I am still drawn to these little treasures! So inside my hoosier is this little scene I just created. I can close the doors and most passer by's would never know what exists on the other sides of the cabinet doors. I find that I get excited when I see little vignettes by other people that hold a few miniatures amongst their treasures. For some reason these little treasures speak to the little girl inside me. And now they still speak to the big girl inside me. Perhaps it is like holding a little baby in your arms, it makes you yearn to snuggle with them. There is something in childhood that has never quite let go of me...and I hope it never will.
My childhood was mostly happy, filled with stories of my own making...
stories I can still remember. I loved creating then, and I do now. I created wonderful happy endings for my dolls, cute doll clothes that they could wear on their outings. My mother taught me to sew by hand, and as I grew older I would take my little basket of fabrics, thread, needles and scissors with me. The doll clothes and blankets were probably ridiculous....but I was very happy with the process of cutting and sewing and eventually trying to fit my creation on my latest doll.
These tiny little shoes get to me.

Whenever I find small treasures at a antique or thrift store I find myself looking around, lest someone should try to wrestle them out of my hands!

Thank you so much for your visit!
I hope your day is far more wonderful than you could ever have hoped for!
"For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not heartache...to give you a future and a hope!" Jeremiah 29:11


CozyGirl said...

I love the little miniature scene that you've set up. So neat ! Those little shoes are adorable :-) I liked reading about your memories of bringing your toys and playing in church ~ very sweet ! Have a great day Debbie !
Janae :-)

Janene said...

Debbie~I love your miniatures! I also enjoyed the fact that you still love them!
I'm glad you haven't let the little girl in you go...Sometimes I think I have. Maybe I need some of my childhood items displayed to remind me to never entirely grow up!
Thanks for sharing this great post!

Leslie said...

You have quite the minature collection! Very cute! :)

Have a great day!


Cheri said...

How cute! I love the cast iron stove, blue chest and little shoes.

Beca said...

Debbie, I enjoyed reading about your wonderful memories. Your miniatures are great!

Darlene said...

Your little miniature collection is fabulous. I especially love those little bitty shoes. Too CUTE!♥

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I was just like you, I loved my dolls, Barbie and Ken and also my dishes:)

Wonderful post... thanks for taking me back to those days:)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Great Post, that little stool is the cutest!

Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

What sweet little miniatures!

Mimi Sue said...

I think most little girls love little doll sized stuff. Some big girls too. Love what you've done with your stuff. Mimi

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I completely identify with you, Debbie! Joy has always done that...she and our preacher's daughter!

I think this is the sweetest collections of miniatures that you have! Those are wonderful items for the imagination! :)

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Precious! I still love playing with miniatures too. That's one reason that I have an overnight room for my grandchildren. It gives me an excuse to play with tiny vignettes of toys that belonged to my mother, me, and my children. I have a Barrister's bookcase in my kitchen. On the bottom shelf, I have used all of mine and my daughter's doll house furniture for a play space for my grandchildren. They come in to play and get it all in a mess, and I love "redecorating" that dollhouse shelf after the grandchildren leave. laurie

~CC Catherine said...

Debbie, I love the scripture from Jeremiah you ended this post with! I share this scripture with my sons often as a reminder! I adore your little miniature scene! I love anything nostalgic and is an heirloom, stories of our legacy passed down is so precious, especially when the roots of the legacy are so precious! Wonderful and inspirational posting! Glad I found you! ~CC Catherine, I'll be back!

Carrie said...

I enjoyed reading your post since it reminded me of my own playtimes in a dollhouse I made under my parents bed. The next year we moved to New York City where I set up house on a shelf in a wardrobe.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Oh my word! those are the prettiest little treasures! I am such a mini fan too! they warm my heart!

And I had so many giggles reading your post because I did the same thing in church too!! what wonderful memories you shared, it brought it all back for me!! I can remember being mad , lol, when we would have to sing, because then I'd have to stop playing and stand up, lol ;)

Thanks so much, that was so uplifting and such a sweet post!!!

Hugs, Cynthia

Birgit said...

All your miniatures are just adorable! You have quite a collection of them too! I enjoyed taking part in your stroll down memory lane.
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

cherry said...

I love your "wee" treasures..I find myself drawn to them as well...and also old pepsi carts or small cubbies....to put the small things in rofl! Loved your story about you as a girl...I could see it in my head. cherry

JudyBug said...

Love your miniatures. They are so adorable!

Felicia said...

Adorable :)

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

How cute! For awhile I collected American Girl dolls and their little accessories because they were so true to life examples of miniatures. I have sold and given away most of them now, but I too am drawn to small things.
I have so many collections that I am trying hard not to overwhelm this small house!
Your post brougth back many happy memories for me. When I was a small girl, I had a tiny little doll and I used to pretend that I was tiny too, and could walk up walls, fly, etc. LOL!