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November 13, 2008

ChristmasThanksgivingFallHoliday confused...

Ok, what exactly is happening? It is still November, yet people are decorating for Christmas...I haven't had my pumpkin pie and turkey yet! I know, Holidays blend with each other! We should be Thankful as we shop for Christmas, Blessed as we organize for Christmas, making our list for Thanksgiving food, as we lie in bed adding up how much we 'should' spend on presents! I know about multi-tasking! Believe me! Have you ever changed a diaper and talked on the phone, brushed your teeth while you are signing a permission slip, put makeup on while writing out a check? Hello!
I had my decoupage Mod Podge hat on in between washing eggs(you have to clean eggs from the egg barn before putting them in cartons), making breakfast, telling my husband why he really should pick up his 'own' underwear-he aims for the dirty clothes hamper but misses.....anyhow, I was decoupaging a Harvest sign and thought while everything was out I might as well do something 'Christmas'...so here is one thing I have done so far!

I have to admit, I was grumbling a little about the dirty clothes hamper thing while I was making this#$%&*Joy sign!


Janene said...

Debbie~That is so funny! It sounds so much like my home!
Love the sign, it really turned out nice and festive.
I need to go get some mod podge and wood.
Have a great day!


Darlene said...

Debbie....you are funny this morning! We are what we are,,, a nation of multi-taskers!

I ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. YOUR. JOY. SIGN! That is just toooooo CUTE!

Leslie said...

Ha, ha! That's just too funny that you were doing a JOY sign and weren't all that joyful at the moment but I can relate! I have grumbled and complained my way through many craft projects.

I like the sign a lot! Very nice.

I have also noticed that there is a LOT of Christmas decorating going on. I never officially finished with my Fall stuff! LOL I'm leaving the fall stuff up until after Thanksgiving. We dig out the tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and get it decorated before Jeremy leaves for camp for deer season. Then I spend the next few days decorating the rest of the house and our other trees. Oh, yes, you wait...I have a tree in every room! LOL

Have a wonderful day!


Cheri said...


Only "women" can multitask I swear. Kids and husbands, it isn't their vocabulary.

The sign is so darn cute, are you going to sell them?

Unknown said...

WOW, Love that sign too!! I have never tried that before..How easy is it?

I have that same talk with my family, they all miss the hamper..lol..

Enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Debbie,
I know what you mean, I am one of those who has already decorated for Christmas....only because we are going away for Thanksgiving and also because we truly enjoy our tree and other decorations so why leave it up for only a few weeks. Anyway, I love your sign, got any to sell...LOL


Bella Della said...

You are hilarious. The holidays are starting to run into one another. I am not so patiently waiting to put up Christmas stuff- I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Folks around here are making that very difficult.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

How cute your sign is and how cute your story is. Maybe "joy" is being able to complain about your dh's underwear and still love him and be loved by him. laurie

Unknown said...

I love that sign! The patterns of paper you used are absolutely darling! I might have to use that idea!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Hehehe! You are too funny! Love your sign, but I always love your stuff. They don't call you Miss Creative for nothing, do they? :D

Have a great day!

Robin Beck said...

Hi Debbie...
Here is the low down on why I pretty much pass Thanksgiving decorating up this year.
I decorate Fall for Halloween and about a week after Halloween I am tired of it and dive right into Christmas. I don't think it's fair that the Christmas season is shorter then all the other holidays because it's a celebration of Jesus being born and I want to celebrate that BIG time. I do like Thankgiving but I am thankful year round not just at this time. PLUS I feel that having Christmas things up at Thankgiving doesn't take away from the Holiday but ADDS to it. Plus and this is a big one. I have a grandbaby coming into the world either right before Christmas or the day after (induced) so I have to get busy and be prepared (I laugh at that last statement)
So yes, I will be "pushing" Christmas on my blog. But I think people are going to find that if they wait till after Thanksgiving this year they are going to run out of time! I want time to enjoy it.
I smiled real big when I saw your beautiful "Joy" sign...Welcome to the club baby, welcome to the club!
Big Smiles!

onlymehere said...

I laughed out loud as you explained your grumbling while making the joy sign!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

You're so funny, Debbie! I know people that pass my house think I've lost my mind because truly I don't decorate OUTSIDE for sure this early, but we had to get a jump start this year because of a party here on December 5th. However, Thanksgiving has always blended in with Christmas for us. Maybe it would be different if we had Thanksgiving dinner here, but probably not because my family is so used to my love for Christmas and decorating. They pretty much feel the same way. And I've always looked at all of these holdiays stretching from November through January 1st as a time to be thankful and count our blessings (and decorate). lol!

I understand your confusion! Sorry if I confused you ! lol!

Have a great day!
Oh, and I love your sign! (You know my daughter, Joy, would love it too, right?...That's the good thing too about this time of year...we find her name everywhere!)


Tracey said...

I am sooo loving the new sign! Would look smashing in my kitchen!!


ps it does seem like we have skipped fall and went straight to Christmas this year!!

Jamie said...

Sheesh! I just finished looking through your blog. It's jam packed with fun stuff. You are one creative lady. I will, definately, be following your blog. Love it! Hey, and thanks for visiting mine!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your new sign is soooo pretty. I love it.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

You're a hoot, my friend! Multitasking is the only way I know how to function! It must be in our DNA... Enjoy the craziness and that lovely new sign. It's beautiful!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Debbie. I love your Joy sign, very festive looking. I have been doing so Christmas projects too. lol even before Thanksgiving.. Oh well tis the season...


Elise said...

I love it!! I will probably be copying it soon!!

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Love your Joy sign, its perfect for its name.

Anonymous said...


I love your JOY sign and I do the same thing when I'm into a project. I may have to try to make one but it will never look as good as yours.


Cathy Miller said...

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie-you are a girl after my own heart. Yes, I'm a year round Christmas shopper/planner-I even have a whole blog devoted to the 25th of each month which we call "Rudolph Day", but I like my holidays one at a time! I refuse to put up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. I just think it's wrong and possilby unAmerican. So there...I said it!

Love the signs!!

Unknown said...

Hello Debbie

Thanks for visiting Inspirational Tips Techniques & Tutorials

We would be delighted for you to link the Christmas Planner Tutorial

Julie xx

Cindy said...

So cute! I love this!


Unknown said...

Oh I love that Joy sign. mishelle