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November 19, 2008

Christmas planner-3

Hello again, are we organized yet? No? Ok...here is another cute little organizer planner made out of several cards glued together, I love glue sticks! Writing things into the planner is supposed to help us remember what we are supposed to remember...Hopefully if we have a organized Christmas planner we will have an organized Christmas....

Be sure to look at all the posts this week as there are tips and ideas every day for organizing Christmas. The most important thing to me is that my kids 'get it' when it comes to Christmas. It is all about Jesus, how He gave the greatest gift...we are to follow that example. I think kids learn to brush their teeth, because we remind them. They learn to make their bed, because we show them how. Kids will also learn to be givers if we remind them what Christmas is about. I carry $1.00 bills at the Holidays so that if there is someone in front of the store collecting, I am ready to give...our kids learn to either be givers or takers....on a funny note...I tell my husband how important it is for him to give me something in front of the kids so they will learn by his example...remember him~Mr. Farmer. So he says "How would you like a tractor yard sculpture? Or a roto-tiller topiary? Or a climbing tomatoe plant?" So I buy what I want, and have him hand it to me and then I rave that it is "exactly what I wanted"...and that he shouldn't have SPENT SO MUCH!This booklet is a basic pattern that I use for my 'BLESSING BOOK', small recipe book-for family members, Christmas planner, etc....

I cut a round circle punch in half and used it for my tabs, glued on...

I love to ink the edges...it adds a lot I think and takes just a second...
Then I add as many buttons, ribbons, flowers, etc. as possible...there are many vintage photos to choose from and the ones I have posted here are free.
I saved and printed some beautiful vintage postcards from here http://vintageholidaycrafts.com/vintage-children-christmas-cards/ you will love their selection of Santa's, angels, children, Thanksgiving postcards and many more. The pictures can be printed on photo paper, framed for Holiday prints, smaller versions for projects, Mod Podging...and other projects. These are fun to use also for making your own Christmas cards, artwork, banners, etc.
http://collectdolls.about.com/library/blclip7a.htm has adorable vintage clipart and Christmas postcards. I select the one I want, save them by right clicking on the photo, then I come back and print them with 'best dpi' on printing preferences...printing them on cream or tan cardstock gives it an old timey feel!


This is an adorable planner from last year.... this is worth looking at...there are alot of pictures!

Also Rachel Anne at http://homesanctuary.typepad.com/rachelanne/2008/11/where-do-i-start.html has an incredible post I thought, on managing peace during the Holidays, and gives you 5 minute ideas to corral clutter, etc. Wonderful article and blog...worth looking at.

Tip: I have done this a couple of times! I bought tissue paper, bags, gift tags, etc. After I came back from shopping with my mom (who bless her heart mixed up boy and girl presents one year, dress to the nephew, truck to the niece, etc.) When we got to her house, I stood there, put each gift in a bag, topped it with tissue paper, had her write out the tag...with me telling her who it went to, then took the gifts inside and put them under the tree. It was ALOT of work, but it was done! No confusion...saved her from doing it, and there was no wrapping mess in the house!

PS Remember at the end of the week I am going to show you a full size planner that holds just about everything, and will be fun to look at each year, building on it as you go.
Philippians 4:19 "my God shall supply all your needs."


Juanita said...

Thanks for sharing these. They are wonderful! Have a blessed day!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Debbie, thank you for your very sweet words! I appreciate it so much. You are always so uplifting. I've been writing over at Blissfully Domestic for a few months. There are a bunch of us writing. I need to step it up & try to do a few more posts over there! Thanks for reading & coming by to see me so often.

Leslie said...

Your little book is just adorable, as always! You add so many perfect embellishments to everything you do.

I must tell you, Debbie, that I made up a little something special for you last week, to thank you...but have yet to mail it! The sickness kind of took over the house and I have yet to leave the house to go to the post office! I kind of wanted it there before Thanksgiving but we'll see....I'm really sorry that it's taking so long, though and I wanted to let you know...

Many hugs and have a great day!


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

More Christmas goodies and tips! Thanks so much for sharing them, Debbie.

I posted some photos today that you might enjoy. My project involved glitter... lots and lots of glitter ;)

Stop on by when you have a minute.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I love this little book. Apparently, you got all the creativity I was supposed to get! laurie

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great book. Your so creative with that stuff. Yours looks great.If I did it.......not so much. LOLOL!! And your right. Our children watch us and do as we do. Gotta set a good example.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

You just make the cutest books and things! Love your creativity! Loving the book you made me too. You are super sweet AND creative! :-)


Unknown said...

What a wonderful tutorial, with so many resources linked here. These are fabulous. I love your books. I have been browsing your blog and I have found so many wonderful posts. Thank you. Karen