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January 25, 2009

Outdoor love and babies!

Hello everyone! We had babies and I am so proud! We have Tunis sheep (brought over on a ship by Thomas Jefferson). They look a little unusual with brownish red faces instead of black or white faces like typical sheep. They are very hardy sheep.

The first lamb is a Tunis surprise-not your typical brown looking lamb.
These two are the typical Tunis sheep and they are cute....they love to boing boing around the pen. They really do bounce around and it is adorable. If they get separated from their mother she starts baaahing and they find their way to her and she finds her way to them, regardless of other little lambs in her way. If that does not work she starts sniffing them all over till she finds the one that is hers!
I am longing for sunshine and warmth! When it rains the wool covered in lanolin repels the water. It has been overcast and rainy which I am not complaining. I watch the weather channel and have noticed many of my blogging friends are in snow and freezing weather! Snowballs anyone?
Our chicken pen has water running through it like a river, the chickens avoid the water and just drink from it when needed. They have plenty of shavings in their pen to keep them warm!

My mums have survived but all my geraniums have frozen and look awful!

Any type of weather, you all are welcome! Thanks for the visit!


Darlene said...

Awwwww your baby lambs are soooo CUTE! Do you have a guard dog (like the cattle dogs out here) with them or do you have any predators where you are with the sheep? I would just want to constantly watch those babies. Do the mama lambs let you get near them?

We are supposed to get ice starting Monday night for a couple of days. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the ice misses us. The weather man is saying it won't be any snow just ice...YUCK! If we get it I am just praying that we keep our power!

Linda Q said...

The baby lambs, how cute are they!
We got another dusting of snow here North of Seattle last night.
So now Spring for us yet.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Oh, they are so adorable!

It just started to snow here in Pa...Friday it was 55* here and you could actually walk outside with your coat unbuttoned now today it's freezing out there and the snow is coming down:(

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Those sheep are adorable! I know you're proud! My dad used to raise goats and we loved when they had babies. One lost her mother and we bottle fed it. Then another one lost her baby about the same time and she adopted the other one! Isn't that sweet?

It's cold here today! Looks like snow outside and I'm hopeful! :)


Birgit said...

Oh your babies are so adorable!!! How blessed you are to care for God's creatures!

Feel free to come and take as much of our snow as you'd like. :) We woke this morning to -20 degrees but we still went for a snowmobile ride! Enjoy your Sunday evening.
Hugs & blessings ~ Birgit

Ginger said...

Debbie, the babies are adorable. Will you keep all of them when grown?
It is still very cold where we are, but most of the snow has finally melted off,after a month of it on the ground. We've still got a long winter ahead of us.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Debbie; How cute and sweet the babies are... I bet they look adorable bopping around the pen.lol


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Those baby lambs are adorable! Thanks for sharing those pictures. laurie

Mad Red Hare said...

Oh I love babies. Especially baby lambs. They are precious.

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Oh these babies are jsut adorable and of course, I'm moggy over sheep!

One Shabby Old House said...

My grandparents raised sheep and I loved lambing time. That really brought back some great memories. What little sweeties.

Rachel Berry said...

Oh those baby lambs are darling! And your weather!! Can I come today! ;)
It should be a warm 4 degrees tonight, I can hardly wait!

Lady Katherine said...

Yes, you are my friend! You have sheep! I just love them,and angora goats! I use to have 100 plus. Now only one. I want my sheep back, I just love watching the lambs play!