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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

October 30, 2008

SHOW AND TELL~Thrift store find!

Guess what,if you go to http://kellishouse.blogspot.com/ you will find that it is Show and Tell Friday....do you have anything to show and tell. Then you should go over to Kelli's and sign up with Mr. Linky! Kelli has a wonderful blog and has the most beautiful pictures, posts, ideas, etc.

Todays' Show and Tell~Once in awhile you walk into a store...it could be a thrift store...and see something that you tell yourself...I hope no one else is looking this way....so I can get it!

Inside you are doing a little happy dance....because you actually have money this time...hiding it before any kids or hubby could find it...do you hide money?

I found this table, the drawers were hanging from it because something was broken off, but the bottom drawer looked like a flour drawer...the kind they have on Hoosiers. It is just a replica but I still liked the look of it...so I asked the lady at the counter how much it was...oh my gosh it wasn't anything but a few dollars because of the broken pieces, I practically knocked people over getting out the door with it. Yippeeee!

These sweet little measuring cups are from my farmer hubby's great grandmother!

Here you can see the drawer a little better. I may start hiding my valuables here...hahaha,
hubby thinks our valuables are His tractor, His farm tools, the barn, the chicken pen...need Igo on....

I think it needs a little spray paint...in time in time.

Thanks so much for coming by.



Giveaway, Pie Crust, Eggs...you name it, it is in this post!

Hello! Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway~A Blessing Book~ to write all your blessings...past, present and future in! Please leave a comment and I will add your name...I will be picking the winner on November 1 instead of on Halloween, just didn't seem appropriate to pick a winner on Oct. 31st. I will announce it November 1st! Thank you so much for participating.

I want to share a few little tips on pie crust making! Stay with me now!

Have you ever made pie crust? You either get the hang of it or you don't. I thought for those of you who might struggle with pie (play) dough that I would share a few easy tips that I have learned over the years (I'm still a young 29ish gal)ok I'm over by a couple of years! Then I will give you the recipe that never fails me.... First you add your dry ingredients....
Mix together the liquid ingredients first then add to the above mixture
Next at our house you go out and gather all the eggs from the chicken pen in this little egg basket, where's the handle? How do you carry it....?
Clean the eggs, put them on the egg flats, refrigerate...

I love using fresh eggs, alot of times I use them before they ever make it to the refrigerator....Way too many eggs.
Omelette anyone?
I use a fork or two knives and I cut in the shortening into the flour/salt mixture. When it is crumbly I then add the liquid mixture a little bit at a time. I either use my big Kitchen Aid mixer or I use my hands to mix it...I like to use my hands because there is a texture you feel and you know you have it right. It feels like smooth play dough, or smooth (not sticky) cookie dough...

You mix it together, and roll it out with a heavily floured rolling pin~which is only to be used for pie making~don't chase any family members with one! After it is rolled out into a large circle (bigger than the pie plate!) you start to roll the dough up on your rolling pin like so....

Next you mosie (this is a farm word used for cows heading over to the hay~mosie on over to the hay)over to your pie plate and carefully set it down on one side and then begin to unroll it!

This keeps it from FLOPPING all over the counter, breaking in two....

Lastly, you crimp your edges THEN trim off any extra dough hanging off the pie plate with a sharp knife!

Two things I have learned...if your dough is crumbly you need to add a TBSP of shortening at a time, mixing it in...like you would add glue to dry ingredients...if your dough does not hold together(not crumbly just not holding together) it needs a little more shortening and probably a tiny bit of ICE COLD WATER.
I always use ice cold water, this holds the doughy pieces of flour together with the shortening.
Next you add (my)your favorite filling! Cook and voila, it is delicious. I love a piece of pie with a cup of coffee and my favorite creamer! Yum!

Have you tried this? Regular coffee with creamer added (I use French Vanilla) add a tiny bit of whip cream and then sprinkle lightly (it is strong) pumpkin pie spice over it. Oh my heavenly goodness, it will set you free...

October 28, 2008

I've been Booed! OOOOOOOh~~~~~~~

I have been Booed? Have you been Booed? Not Boohooed....Booed. Here I wrote a little poem to celebrate being Booed...if you are visiting my blog....CONSIDER YOURSELF BOOED!!

(Creepy music PLAYING----)
(Scarey noises, black cat screeching...oh woops I stepped on its tail~giggle)

Pumpkins are orange
The night is black
Halloween is near...
So watch yer' back!

I am sending you
this greeting (warning)for your good
It's creepy and its crawly
Because you've just gotten BOOOOOOED!

Hahahah-now spread the Blogging Boo to everyone far and near! Save this picture, post to your blog, and share the fun with your blogging posse! Link to this post...then have your posse link back to your post!



Welcome and thanks for coming by. This is a FUN Halloween Blog Party put on by Amy at http://www.livinglocurto.com/?p=622 be sure you check this out, there are wonderful prizes and other participants showing you wonderful pictures of their decor...some are....surprising!

I've put together several of my posts to show some of my farm style Halloween decor. I started off with an old shovel that screamed to be spray painted orange...
He then became helpless as a shovel, but wonderful as...

a punkin' head! Hubby is still looking for his shovel!
Next we have a little trick or treater...desperately needing some 'candy corn'

I wanted to show you these little glass cups, I just pick them up at thrift stores, I believe Walmart has something similar in their vase department. I set these in the tops of glass mason jars and put little candles in them. Love it!
Here is the last little board~sign I made with a vintage postcard, added a little ric rac, buttons, fall leaves and brown glitter....

Next is my CANDY CORN JAR~which I love, it was so easy to make. I painted one horizontal stripe at a time on a third of the jar, added glitter, then let it dry. This time I used a little foam brush instead of a paint brush, it covered more thoroughly I thought. After this glitter dried, I added the next stripe and so on. It was so easy and I like how it turned out.
I painted a little wood triangle I had too...

I even glittered the little plate holder I set the sign on...Hahaha, it is too bad all this stuff has to be put away...oh well, it has been fun doing all these new projects, next year it will be fun pulling it all out again. I wonder what we will be working on a year from now! I know Linda from http://behindmyreddoor.blogspot.com/ will have her first little grandbaby to hold in her arms, Congratulations Linda! We are all happy for you Linda!!!! Yipppeeeee!
Next I set the table a couple of ways, mostly with orange colors, pumpkins and black candle sticks...nothing too scarey!

Last, these are candy corn topiaries that I made, they were easy and fun, they go with the little pumpkin plates I picked up at Target last year,
Come by again for a visit and thanks
for stopping by!

October 26, 2008


Good morning! Hope you had an awesome weekend...we had soccer with our daughter this weekend, she scored two goals and seemed to be so happy with herself she fell asleep as soon as we hit the car for the drive home!

Anyhoo, first of all I have to give credit to someone, Char at http://charsethman.blogspot.com/2008/09/tuesdays-tutorial-primitive-luminaries.html has an amazing tutorial on covering mason jars with....cinnamon and good smelling spices, and vintage postcards. Click on this link and it will take you to her tutorial! She does an amazing job and her whole blog is filled with lovely ideas! I got out my mason jars to cover and I pulled out some Halloween papers and glitter!

I am going to try the spices when I do some Christmas jars. This is very fun, I will warn you, quick, easy and addicting!

First of all use clean mason jars, any size, cover the part you are going to work with first with mod podge or watered down glue. I pasted on my papers first...you don't add glitter or spices till the very last step. I added the candy corn paper first, let it dry 20-30 minutes. Then I added the scrap paper with the Halloween words on it...let it dry...I set stuff outside since it is so hot here in S. Calif. It dries very quick! After you are done with your papers or vintage postcards...then cover the glass part of the jar with an even coat of glue/MOD P. You don't want to cover your paper or postcard with glue or the glitter will cover it all. I sprinkle the glitter on the jar over a pie pan to catch all the loose glitter. Darlene over at http://darlenesdays-darlene.blogspot.com/had a good idea, she does it over newspaper, then folds it and pours the leftover glitter back in its container. I will try this Darlene thanks! Tomorrow I will post my finished products...I finished a few...so much fun!(Woops..BBBB-Big Blogging BooBoo) Darlene just informed me that I saw this at Robins http://therobinsnestcountrycrafts.blogspot.com/, she covered the cutest pumpkins with glitter! Thank you Darlene for straightening me out...I should take notes I guess where I see things!

I had a great deal of trouble posting my photos, or having them load...not sure why...it took over an hour to post these 3 photos. But wait till you see what is coming! Yippeeee!



Be sure to sign up below for my giveaway that goes till Oct. 30th!

October 24, 2008

Pink Saturday

Welcome fall and Welcome Pink Saturday visitors...glad you came by for a visit. I found the sweetest little vintage Halloween postcard and it had pink in it!! I was thrilled...I decoupaged it with some pink and dark sage green papers, added some glitter, my new favorite... and voila!

Next I took a canning jar...

and added Mod Podge all over it, sprinkled it with Martha Stewart's Pink glitter...it is wonderful and made myself a candle holder, by putting a small glass candle holder inside the lip of the glass jar. I added a pink ribbon, but you could use a silver and pink ribbon for Christmas, black ribbon for something more elegant, or pastel for Spring!

If you come back on Monday I am posting a tutorial on a jar with black glitter for Halloween, still a few days a way! Yippppeeeee, it brings out the kid in me...mine are grown!

Be sure to visit my post below for my giveaway I am having!



October 23, 2008

Show and Tell and My Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to Friday's Show and Tell put on by http://kellishouse.blogspot.com/
This is the first part of my giveaway, a little pumpkin tassel with black fringe and checked ribbon...
But I have been working on a blessing album, I got the thought and idea from Melissa @ http://theinspiredroom.net/.

I was thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to have your family and friends in the next few weeks when they visit or you see them, write out something that they are grateful for, or that they consider a blessing.


I created this blessing book which is also the second part of the giveaway! There are sections, so you could write about your own personal experiences, a section for friends and family, and anything else.

I think we need to remind ourselves of the goodness we experience, focus on the blessings, the moments that take our breath away...

This book is for Precious People, Precious Moments, and Precious Memories...
Little tabs separate the sections...
It really did turn out sweet...

If you would like to be a part of this giveaway, then leave a comment. If you share this on your blog and let me know I will add your name twice. This giveaway will last till Oct.30th and I will announce the winner on the 31st. If you decide to make something similar to this for your family - or family gathering let me know and I will link to your blog! Thanks for stopping by.

10 things that bless me

-a wonderful husband(madly in love with him, mad+love=madly in love)

-wonderful daughter and 2 sons

-coffee with creamer in the morning

-something that makes me laugh hard

-I am blessed when my kids come home...

-I am blessed with sweet elderly parents who have great sense of humors.

-I am blessed by knowing God...

-getting new ideas for new projects(I LOVE this)

-writing new music

-giving gifts to people I love

-one extra blessing, is getting to know you all, I consider many of you BBF (Best Blogging Friends)-I refer to you~ to my hubby as "My Blogging Posse" (big smile)...

Rich in Blessings,


"It is the Lord's blessing that makes a person rich..." Proverbs 10:22

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

This is a little sweety that just sparkles and shines...

I decopaged the little kitty to a board, added a little trim and alot of glitter. I love that glitter by Martha Stewart, it is in every color!

The little Happy Fall canister is another Oatmeal container covered in scrapbook paper, ribbons and a tiny little kitty in the corner.
So cute! I filled it with fall napkins instead of candy, we have been eating way too much candy corn, I am starting to look a little orange!!!!

I love, love, love, how candy corn tastes! I fell in love with this candy corn scrapbook paper!

Thanks for stopping by!