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September 15, 2008

Hiding the necessary!

Hello, this isn't tooooooo creative but it does work for me. I needed a desk near the printer in the hutch on the left in the picture. But I don't have one, so I took my sofa table and layed a longer board across it.

Underneath are files, alot of my music from church, and baskets with filing that needs to be done.
I bought this fabric and placed it over the sofa table. I usually change out the quilt above according to the seasons, and I can also change out the fabric to coordinate with the quilt if necessary.

The frame is a little 3$ frame from Target with a printed scripture inside. I added the checkered ribbon.
The cord from the printer was an eyesore so I hung a mirror to distract the eye...I also placed a few little things at the corner of the table because all the extension cords meet there.

My laptop just fits in the middle when I need to hook up to the printer...
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Raggedy Angel said...

That is so creative! Looks great! I love that table cloth....I want to recover my couch in something like that! Beth

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie,
The desk area looks great. LOve the fabric.

Leslie said...

Good job! It looks very nice and you hid things well! I'm always trying to hide those items that we need but I don't necessarily love seeing, too :)

Have a great day!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Looks great! I also do not like to se cords hanging everywhere. I will do everything possible to hide them! LOL!
Have a blessed day!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Oh boy we can all relate to al lthose cords huh? I keep a variety of extension cords on hand in different colors just for that reason. If the cord has to run along the brown baseboard, it gets a brown cord. If it needs to cross the wall, it gets an off white cord. I have been known to make holes in the back of furniture to put the cords through and even paint the cords to match! Modern conveniences fitting it with prim! LOL

Georgia Girl said...

Debbie...you are just so creative. Can you come over and help me decorate my house.

Juanita said...

What a creative idea!! I love it.I'm going to have to try and attempt to redecorate my LR and this might be a good idea for something I have in mind.Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing.

A Hint of Home said...

My first time to your blog. I went back to prior posts and enjoyed my visit.
I know you're enjoying your new desk. Looks great.
Thanks for visiting my blog recently.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

What a great idea!!! Love seeing all of your projects they always turn out so nice...hate the cords too:)

jennykate77 said...

Very cute and creative! I love the frame that you put the scripture in and the added ribbon is adorable! Great job!

Love your blog!


onlymehere said...

Wonderful creative solution. If you wanted you could drill a small hole at the back of the bookcase for the cord to go through and then it would fall down the back of the furniture. You may not want to drill into it though. Just a thought. I love what you did here!

Robin Beck said...

It's just perfect!
Love the scripture in the frame with the bow you added.

Melissa Martin said...

Very nice! Looks great!

{oc cottage} said...

That is just too darn cute!!!!!

M ^..^

Darlene said...

Great solution to hide the mess!! Very clever!!!

Kathi said...

I enjoyed all of your fall decorations. Your table is very pretty. Kathi