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June 20, 2008

Wedding do's and don'ts

I am getting ready for my son's wedding, wrapping up small things...We had our rehearsel dinner last night and it was amazing. We have prayed since our son was young that he would marry the right girl. She is wonderful and we feel so blessed of God in the midst of all this. But my hubby and I have been to several weddings and discussed many do's and don'ts! We ended up laughing at all the scenario's and actual situations we have seen.
After you read some of my list please post your comments to me about do's and don'ts and I will post them. This hopefully might help some young girls in the future! Blessings, Debbie

-Don't wear white, only the bride should
-Don't be so loud that everyone looks at you instead of the bride
-Do use your manners
-Don't have the mother of the bride sing a bridal song that has 12 verses in it, in an opera squealing, barely hitting the notes voice!
-Never wear a tuxedo that allows your ankles or calves to show.
-Make sure the sprinklers are off at an outdoor wedding.
-If you are a guest don't wear an outfit that you would only wear to nightclubs!
-Make sure the bride eats so she does not faint in the middle of the wedding. (I actually sang at a wedding where the bride and her maid of honor fainted at the same time, fell my way and knocked all music and microphone on me as they crashed into the grand piano!) They took an extremely long time to rouse, the minister asked me to keep singing to take up extra time. I had already sang my wedding songs and could only think of one song-Cum by yah!!! This is absolute truth!
-Check the bottoms of the grooms shoes for hidden messages printed by groomsmen!
Please add more, I will post them!

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Michele said...

Loved the wedding do's and don'ts list....especially the one about the fainting!! :-)

The fainting was one that I was going to share, too because at my sister's first wedding one of the groom's men fainted!! It was an outdoor wedding in the summer so it was very hot, plus he didn't eat or drink enough water. Perfect recipe for fainting, I'd say!

Another "do" is to make sure you ask the guests to keep their cameras in their purses or tux pockets until the reception. That was the request of the photographer at my sister's first wedding, and the reason actually made a lot of sense. He said that we're paying A LOT of money for him to take the wedding photos, and if you have other people trying to take pictures at the same time he is, you don't get the best quality photos. The flashes from the other cameras going off at the same time messes with the lighting in the professional photos. You also tend to get eyes looking in several places instead of all eyes on the photographer. So, that was the request that went out in the invites, and all 150 guests were completely understanding and followed the bride and groom's wishes......well, all but one. My aunt not only didn't honor the request, but she wasn't even subtle about taking the pictures!!! She was loud and obnoxious, and you could see the photographer starting to lose his patience because she was making everything more difficult. We laugh about it now as it was a long time ago, but back then everyone was very irritated.

Make sure that the bachelor and bachelorette parties are NOT the night before the ceremony. I've been to weddings where the wedding party was all hung over from the night before. It was so sad.

Do not have an open bar. Not only is it very expensive, but people tend to drink more alcohol when it's free. Then you end up with a bunch of intoxicated people potentially ruining the special day.

If you see people drinking, do not let them drive. You're probably thinking that my family and friends are a bunch of alcoholics, but that's not the case. These are stories from weddings that I went to years ago.....work friends, etc. or stories I've heard from other people about their wedding experiences. In fact, at my sister's first wedding she didn't even go with her first choice of wedding sites because the road to and from is kind of dangerous. It's extremely curvy and dark because you have to go over the mountains to get to the beach which is where she wanted to get married. My mom knows that people tend to drink wine and champagne at weddings and was worried about people not being smart and trying to drive down that mountain road in the dark. Rather than just worrying about everyone's safety, my sister picked another site, which turned out to be perfect anyway.

One last "do" that I'll share is to make sure you communicate with your maid of honor, bride's maids, best man, and groom's men. My sister actually ended up having to pick another maid of honor because her first choice refused to communicate, wouldn't buy her dress, wasn't following through on maid of honor duties, etc. My sister was so sad, but she had to make the decicion to pick another maid of honor. I also think it might be nice to be open about what you expect from your bride's mades, such as hairstyle, jewelry, dress-style, participation, etc. so that there are no misunderstandings when the wedding day arrives. Some brides are extremely easy going about things like hairstyles and jewelry, but some really want all the people in the wedding to have similar hairstyles and the same jewelry, etc.

Anyway, I think I've written too much again..... sorry about that. Hope your list and whatever lists your blog readers share with you, help another bride and groom someday!! Great idea!