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June 16, 2008

Grandma's quilts

This lovely iris beauty was made by my grandmother who is from Carmi, Illinois. There are many colors of iris' and I counted many, many green leaves. It is by far one of my favorite quilts and beautiful to hang for spring. I have a wall quilt shelf that I display seasonal quilts on.

This quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted. I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to make. What gets me is that most of the people in my grandmother's family are just not that interested in quilts or quilting. I cannot even imagine that! I see a beautiful quilt and I kind of go crazy inside. Or looking at quilt fabric before the quilt is made also makes me excited inside. A good quilt show can push me over the edge of being visually stimulated! How about you?

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Michele said...

Another beautiful quilt!!! Your grandma was VERY talented!!!!! It must be so nice to look at all of her quilts and remember her with such warm thoughts. Thank you for sharing her works of he(art).