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June 3, 2008

Glass luncheon plates

A few years ago when my hubby's grandmother passed away, we were given quite a bit of china, glassware and luncheon plates. We loved the little luncheon plates and decided we needed more for family gatherings or church functions.
The plates are great for showers, parties, etc. We found that they are at thrift stores and antiques stores for a reasonable cost. We never pay alot for them. We now have about 80 dishes and are short a few cups. The cups are punch bowl cups and are pretty easy to get. The loveliest way to show these plates off is to put them on a colored placemat or colored tablecloth.
My hubby's grandmother was quite the stylist when she set her tables. Always an amazing centerpiece and lovely linens to match. I'm teaching my kids to set beautiful tables. It sets the mood and always makes your guests feel special.
Blessings, Debbie


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh how I love those clear glass luncheon plates & cups. We used to use that kind at church for every wedding & baby shower!! Wonder whatever happened to them?! Do they have a specific pattern name?

Thanks for bringing back some good memories today for me!

Angelic Accents

Lorrie said...

My mother had some of those lovely glass luncheon trays. But one day she sold them in a garage sale! I was so disappointed that she hadn't offered them to me first!
They are so useful for showers and ladies' luncheons, can't imagine why they went out of favour.


Karen said...

Hello, I have a set of 12 of the clear glass luncheon plates & cups from my Mother In Law. I would love to sell them. If you are interested please let me know at KJSyverud@gmail.com. Thanks, Karen

Unknown said...

Pam- Just learned about these luncheon plates:
I just purchased 16 of these clear glass plates at Goodwill. Some were .99 and some were $1.99 ea. the cups were punch cups for .49 ea. I HEARD THEY GET THEM IN FREQUENTLY My good friend has her moms and I'm going to use them for a baby shower this month. I love them...

Scott Huckaby said...

I suppose you sold those luncheon plates years ago.... But if not, let me know!