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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

May 8, 2008

Hoosier happiness..

Just a few pictures inside my hoosier that my hubby got me. Inside I have some precious dishes and measuring cups from my hubby's grandmother and great grandmother. I love small little items and tend to go over board with these items. But I love this, it is in my kitchen and is wonderful to have. Proverbs 12:14 says from the fruit of his mouth a man is satisfied with good, and the work of his hand comes back to him. It is interesting that all these wonderful things that my hubby's grandparents worked for have been given back to us as a true blessing!!

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The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello honey...wow what an adorable lil' vintage delite!!! let me know all about your give away and i will post it on my blog and send the ladies your way...but won't that cut my chances???....he he he ha ha ha love ya cat^..^