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May 29, 2008

Cottage giveaway and a little egg trivia...

Please be sure to leave a comment on any post and your name will be added to the Cottage Giveaway! The prizes are listed on my May 21st post. Here is a picture of our actual chicken eggs that have been laid. The chickens lay their eggs in nest boxes inside the chicken pen/barn. Then they roll out onto wire racks. Our daughter collects them in egg baskets. The chickens usually lay one egg a day. Chickens can lay an egg a day with or without a rooster. The rooster is what fertilizes the egg so that it can hatch! Without a rooster you will have an egg, but no baby chick. Chickens need to have 12-14 hours of light a day to lay eggs. The light releases something in their cute little feathered bodies to keep them laying eggs. Days are longer in the spring and summer so they lay naturally. But when daylight lessens in the winter they quit laying. So if you have chickens that quit laying it may be because they don't have enough light every day. This is solved by putting a timer on a light bulb or outdoor light fixture that gives them extra light in the morning or evening!
One last little bit of egg trivia...if you crack an egg in the skillet and it spreads all over the skillet, it is probably an older egg. It does not mean that they egg is bad, just that it is not very fresh. Fresh eggs hold together better in the skillet. I usually bake with my older eggs and cook fresher eggs for breakfast!
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Sandra Evertson said...

I'm fainting over that beautiful rose china below!
Sandra Evertson

Cami said...

My hens average about one a day. They have favorite nesting boxes so if "theirs" is occupied they may just lay in the yard. It's rare, but happens. Mine free range and I love how the sun sets and the girls head to bed. We had a rooster, but a rat snake got him when he was just 4 mos. So it's just the girls. Need a wire rack. We have lift up doors on hydraulics.

Michele said...

What a fascinating post for this city girl to read!! I learned a lot so thank you.