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May 23, 2008


Be sure to see the post for May 23 for the give away prizes and post a comment so your name will automatically be added to the contest.

Ok very funny. For all the ladies that said they would prefer a real chicken as their prize, you can order them like we do from a hatchery and get little cute ones in the mail! They come directly to the post office. Little chicks come in 100's in a box, and you can hear them in the post office as soon as you enter. They are adorable! However there were a couple out in the chicken pen who volunteered to be sent to anyone who would love them and give them a nice home. Hahaha! I told them to get busy and lay more eggs. My father tells a cute chicken joke- a cod fish lays 100's of 1000's of eggs and never says a thing, a hen lays one egg and cackles all day about it. He said no one likes to hear alot of cackling, so be a cod fish. Yes dad!

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Barbara Jacksier said...

I, too would like a chick for a prize. I already have 9 hens (who arrived by trades and via the post office) but there's always room for more.

Thanks for stopping by.

G said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. We like to go to Idyllwild; we love the Bread Basket for lunch! Living at a lower elevation might be nice; I would love to raise chickens and have a few goats. I'm a farm girl at heart, but I think it just gets too cold up here to keep animals without a heated barn. I'm really feeling bad right now that this late season snow we are having is ruining all my plants and flowers. It's hard to believe it was 80 degrees on Monday and now we have three or more inches of snow.

Michele said...

As much as it would be fun to have a chick, I don't think my apartment manager would allow it. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Joanne Kennedy said...

I never knew chickens could be sent through the mail. Who would have thought that.

Well since I don't eat meat I would have to set them all free! Do you think my neighbors would mind? LOL