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About Me: I am the creative person behind Ribbonwood Cottage. A mother, wife and grandmother. My goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy to my family that life is incredible. God gave us this one life and it is worth the journey! A believer. A pianist, church music and worship director. Focused on intentionally living the best life possible.

May 30, 2008

All the names are in...Who Won?



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Eggciting Idea!!

There is only one day left until the great Cottage Giveaway. Be sure to post until midnight tonite if you have not posted. Tomorrow's winner will be announced. This is eggciting! I am working on making some little photo albums for my friends in the shape of-you guessed it, an egg. This is sooooo much fun! Here is my first one. Blessings to all of you, Debbie

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May 29, 2008

Cottage giveaway and a little egg trivia...

Please be sure to leave a comment on any post and your name will be added to the Cottage Giveaway! The prizes are listed on my May 21st post. Here is a picture of our actual chicken eggs that have been laid. The chickens lay their eggs in nest boxes inside the chicken pen/barn. Then they roll out onto wire racks. Our daughter collects them in egg baskets. The chickens usually lay one egg a day. Chickens can lay an egg a day with or without a rooster. The rooster is what fertilizes the egg so that it can hatch! Without a rooster you will have an egg, but no baby chick. Chickens need to have 12-14 hours of light a day to lay eggs. The light releases something in their cute little feathered bodies to keep them laying eggs. Days are longer in the spring and summer so they lay naturally. But when daylight lessens in the winter they quit laying. So if you have chickens that quit laying it may be because they don't have enough light every day. This is solved by putting a timer on a light bulb or outdoor light fixture that gives them extra light in the morning or evening!
One last little bit of egg trivia...if you crack an egg in the skillet and it spreads all over the skillet, it is probably an older egg. It does not mean that they egg is bad, just that it is not very fresh. Fresh eggs hold together better in the skillet. I usually bake with my older eggs and cook fresher eggs for breakfast!
Thanks for stopping by,

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May 27, 2008

I'm so happy!!! And I'm cooking...

Let the cooking begin! My two boys (young men) are home from college and Romania. What a relief to have them on U.S. ground! I immediately started cooking last night, roast, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rolls, all kinds of desserts! There will be alot of dishes to clean and I don't even care I am so glad to see them. To be honest I will put away the china, tablecloths, vases. When they started eating everything was in their way!! hahaha. Pull out the everyday dishes quick!

Be sure to add your name, or comment on any post and I will add your name to the cottage giveaway. See the post for May 21st to see the prizes. There is a rooster/chicken theme. Enjoy!!!! Deb

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May 26, 2008

More Show and Tell

Be sure to check out http://leesiebella.typepad.com/ to see a list of wonderful gals who have posted lovely show and tell pic's of their tablesettings, china, crystal, etc. These women have given us a beautiful glimpse of their precious belongings. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Today is a day of honoring those who have gone before us. Romans 12:10 says "Be kindly affectionate to one another...in honor giving preference to one another." Blessings, Debbie

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May 25, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

I am joining with all the gals over at Sugar Sugar http://leesiebella.typepad.com/ to do a show and tell. This week's show and tell is China, tablesettings, crystal. This gal always has the greatest ideas and pictures on her web site. Wait till you see all the beautiful pictures these ladies are putting up on their blogs. She has kindly made a master list of the ladies who are involved. Wow. Very lovely and very inspirational. I am posting this late Saturday night as I don't post on Sunday's. Enjoy!

The china is white Bavarian china that my husband's grandmother hand painted and fired in her kiln. She was an amazing china painter. Every grandchild has china painted by her. I chose pink roses and have never tired of them. My husband loves china, and has actually bought me two china hutches to hold all of our dishes. Keep in mind we both have large families and when we do holidays at our house we have 50-60 people. I don't have that much china, but I do have alot of dishes. With all the china loving (almost driven) relatives, you would never think of serving a holiday meal on paper plates. Oh my! I did that once early in our marriage, oh dear, you would have thought I committed the unpardonable sin!!! My husband's grandmother was horrified that she painted all this gorgeous china for us and I was using nice paper plates. So I gratefully wash these beautiful dishes and I don't complain!

Thank you for visiting me today! Blessings


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May 24, 2008

Americana time!

Please see my May 22nd post for the give away prizes! Just post a comment on any post and your name will be added to the list. Thank you for stopping by!

I have been setting out and rearranging Americana themed items. I love Americana items anytime of the year. I think it really goes with any decor. I also love the look of stacked quilts. Especially red, white and blue. I also love to set my table for whatever season, I admit I cover it with that heavy clear plastic after all I do have alot of kids that eat with us! They know my hubby is a great cook so they linger in the kitchen! I've been know to linger a little too long in the kitchen-doing dishes!!! Well ok and maybe eating too!! Proverbs31:27 says "the mother looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." She must have had alot of kids because NO ONE has time to be idle when you've got to feed the kids!!!

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May 23, 2008


Be sure to see the post for May 23 for the give away prizes and post a comment so your name will automatically be added to the contest.

Ok very funny. For all the ladies that said they would prefer a real chicken as their prize, you can order them like we do from a hatchery and get little cute ones in the mail! They come directly to the post office. Little chicks come in 100's in a box, and you can hear them in the post office as soon as you enter. They are adorable! However there were a couple out in the chicken pen who volunteered to be sent to anyone who would love them and give them a nice home. Hahaha! I told them to get busy and lay more eggs. My father tells a cute chicken joke- a cod fish lays 100's of 1000's of eggs and never says a thing, a hen lays one egg and cackles all day about it. He said no one likes to hear alot of cackling, so be a cod fish. Yes dad!

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May 22, 2008

Prizes!! Yippeeee!

I have had so much fun putting these gifts together for the cottage giveaway. Everything is rooster or chicken inspired. I seem to have alot of those items! I made a rooster tote and sunglass holder out of leftover rooster fabric from two chairs my mother-in-law and I covered. Also there are 4 small tart tins, rooster cards and envelopes (blank on the inside), a small nest with 3 little eggs, another container of 6 small eggs, a small cheese spreader with a chicken on the top. I have also made a second sunglass holder out of rooster fabric

for the second place winner! I wish everyone well in the contest. This is so much fun doing a give away. Also if you will click on the little cottage giveaway banner on the upper right you will also see all the other gals who are joining in and giving something away. There are some amazing gifts!

Remember love is the greatest gift; I Corinthians 13.

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May 21, 2008

Great Cottage Giveaway!!! Yippeeee!

I am joining in on the giveaway fun! Kim over at Twice Remembered Cottage-One Woman's cottage Life is having her 2nd annual Cottage give away. I will be having a give away of rooster/chicken inspired items. I will post pictures tomorrow. I am gathering up the loot even now as we speak. Yipppeee. I am sorry to say there will be no live chickens or real eggs given away at this time. However I wouldn't mind getting rid of a few of them. All you have to do is leave me a comment on ANY post and I will add your name to the list. There will be a 1st prize and a 2nd prize giveaway and I will ship internationally for you international friends! This is so fun. The drawing will be May 30, and I will post the winners on the 31st. Let everyone know about all the fun and commotion. One last thing, if you will click on the Cottage Giveaway gadget on the right you will see all the other bloggers who are also having giveaways on their sites. There are lots of presents just waiting to be won! How fun!!!!

Chicken Sonora-Yummy

I have a chicken recipe! Yummy!
This little chick is actually from our chicken pen. We have Rhode Island Red chickens that lay yummy brown eggs.
We do not eat these chickens, I buy my chicken from the grocery store.

I pull the chicken off the bones, takes about 2 minutes. I separately add the soup, chili beans and tomatoe sauce and salsa together.
Place 2-3 tbsp sauce in the bottom of a crock pot or dutch oven. I spray my pan first to make clean up easier. Then you layer chicken, tortillas that have been torn into bite size pieces, chili sauce, ending up with grated cheese on the top. You can crock pot this on low all day. Or cook in the oven for 40 minutes at 350 degress. It is wonderful with a salad that has fruit and cheese in it. You can also crumble tortilla chips on top to make it a little more tasty for kids. My kids love this, and it is great to reheat and eat during the week.

May 20, 2008

Red and Navy quilt decor

Boy am I ready for May 31st. I love red quilts, red geraniums, a red rug in front of the door and some type of sign that welcomes friends! This is a beautiful time of year in California. Flowers are blooming, our sheep had lambs recently. Will post pics of the sheep later. Our white pigeons all have eggs in their nests. It is a fruitful time of year. Everywhere you look on our property some tree or animal is being fruitful and multiplying. May I add that I am in my late forties and have NO intention of multiplying any more!! Thank you! Deb

May 19, 2008

Walk with me...

My dear friend Weltha, the feisty red head next to me. What is it about red heads that makes them feisty? Well she just got her masters degree in English. You go girl!!! She is so smart, witty, beautiful, great sense of humor. She's a great friend, a little too smart. Don't really smart people just make you feel, what's the word? A little not as smart? She knows everything about history, literature and art. I am so proud, so proud!!!But there is hope...Proverbs 13:20 says "Whoever walks with wise people will be wise!"

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May 18, 2008

prom pics

Wowee Kazowwee!!! Our little soccer princess dressed up for prom. She was a little stressed out getting the hair just right, but finally succeeded. Her boyfriend had a vest and tie that matched her dress. They looked great together. They went to Long Beach pier, and the prom took place on a ship that toured the harbour. They had a wonderful time!

Now, what to do with all these left over prom dresses!!!!

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May 17, 2008

Back porch and wheelbarrow

I am working on flowers on my back porch. I love the weathered look. I really enjoy the look of flowers and greenery spilling out of their planters.
My husband has done a great job of planting the planters for me, now I just need them to grow and spill out!
Also we have a wheelbarrow, I love to pack it full of plants so it looks like a mix of things. At harvest time I plant it full of mums, and at Christmas I fill it with poinsettias, little Christmas trees and white lights. I just love it.

Here is the small Christmas tree in it from last December with a few pansies around it. We have a store nearby who plants little miniature roses in the bathtub planter, mini ivy plants, baby's breath, little plants that spill out of the tub, then little signs, with little plant trellis'. It is so adorable looking. I will try to get the picture and post it.
There is something heavenly about watching plants grow into beautiful blossoms and plants. Even God enjoyed planting a garden. In Genesis 2:8 it says "The Lord God planted a garden in Eden..." Boy would I love to see the kind of flowers and blossoms he grew!!

May 16, 2008

Chicken enchiladas!!Yummy

My husband who is a great cook, came up with these, after looking through some cookbooks and getting ideas. We took 2 large whole cooked chickens and took all the meat off. Added fresh corn from 4 corn cobs. The corn he boiled for about 4 minutes to just soften it a little. He added a pint of sour cream, 2 large cans of green enchilada sauce (a basic brand). Stirred all this together for the filling. We put a half cup of just sauce in the bottom of the pan. Then took a tortilla, added about 1/3 cup filling, maybe a little more. Added about 2 tbsp monterey jack cheese on top of the filling. Then I rolled up each enchilada until I had filled the pan. I topped the enchiladas with some green sauce and sprinkled with cheese.
The ingredients all together are
2 whole cooked chickens, or cook your own
2 large cans green chile enchilada sauce
1 small can green chile enchilada sauce (to cover enchiladas)
1 large sour cream or 2 pints of sour cream
4 fresh corn cobs, could use canned or frozen. Fresh corn was sweet!
pkg 30 tortillas
2 bags shredded monterey jack cheese
Cook at 350 for 25 minutes or till bubbly in the center.

May 14, 2008

Fruit Kabobs

We sliced strawberries, melon, cantalope and skewered them, cut a watermelon in half and turned it over. We then put the skewers into the watermelon. Once it was full it really looked amazing!

May 13, 2008

Vintage patterns

a few Mother's day cards

Here are a couple of cards I made for my mother, mother in law and one other person. I love making cards and enjoy giving someone special something special.
My mother is so dear to me, and she deserves so much! I have made several scrapbooks for her of her life and her 9 siblings. Wow that is alot of brothers and sister.
Ruth 1:8 says"may the Lord be as kind to you as you have been to me..."
My mother gets the kindness award from me!