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April 22, 2008


Once you start you won't be able to stop making these adorable rosettes!
You take a strip of fabric or pattern piece that is tapered on both ends, and fold in half, pinning along the way. Sew with a loose gathering stitch. You will pull threads after this to
gather the fabric.
Once you have pinned and sewn the fabric, it is so easy from here on out.
I was a little excited, after I did the chores outside, pigeons, dogs, fed and watered, I came in to sew. I did however notice several pigeon feathers near the barn, and a very guilty looking labrador! If you don't feed them on time in the morning they get busy themselves looking for what I refer to as breakfast snacks. I usually notice the feathers or the broken eggs from the chickens pen. How they get into those eggs with all the doors closed is beyond me! Anyhow I headed inside to sew. Yippeee!

Here is a short tutorial on making these incredibly easy rosettes. They can be made out of any fabric, sew or glue a pin on the back of them and they would make great accents for a purse, hair accessory, jacket, etc.

After the fabric is gathered you start at one end of the fabric and begin to roll it very tightly. Once it is completely rolled up it forms the flower itself. It is so easy and amazing how quickly it looks like a beautiful fabric flower.

Once the fabric is gathered, you sew through the base of it to tack it with little sticthes. This will hold the flower together. I also added a little fabric glue just to be on the safe side.

The last thing to do after you have stitched it tight is to add a little fray check to keep any loose threads from unravelling.
Voila! You are ready to do something with your pretty little rosette. I have to make about 40 of these for the two little flower girl dresses. I am about half done.
Thank you for looking at my first tutorial. Debbie

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