May 26, 2014

Red, Whites and Blues-Outdoor Decorating and more

Happy Memorial Day to Everyone. My  father was part of the Air Force group...very proud of him in so many ways. Thank you dad for faithful service to our country.

We are enjoying family, friends, food....festivities today and I hope you are having a lovely celebration in honor of our wonderful Military.
I love red white and blue...
all of it.
I have been working full time creating little miniatures....
along with home pictures of my real home below here is some miniature eye candy!

 Prep table @

 Quilt Hutch with little tiny pieces of quilts from my collection of quilt pieces.

Now my real from the last few Memorial Day Celebrations...

 I cut out slices of melons and then used star cookie cutters to cut pieces out!

 My favorite celebration included nieces and nephews, so we pulled out the vintage stove...added buckets of candy, trays of little was a festive occasion!

Blessings to all!

April 15, 2014

Happy Days..Loving Creating...and Blogging

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Since I started blogging in 2008 I have looked at thousands of blogs...
Women who are amazing at everything you could think of.
I kept thinking...I know how to sew....

But I wished I could decorate, own a business, a vintage shop, or maybe design
I just keep thinking...all I know how to do is sew! 

Hahaha...sewing seemed a bit boring when looking at blogs where the women seem to have entire staffs helping them 
paint, wallpaper, 
spray paint, beadboard their walls....
and create delicious meals while 
posting on their blogs daily!

I love making little quilts, throws. different bedding sets. 
All of them for dolls of every size. I decided that I love to sew and I wanted to open an Etsy shop and just try my hand at the Etsy business. 
Etsy has an online handbook how to do everything so why not!

Blogging has led me to meet several wonderful people...which encouraged me to step out in faith so to speak and do something I just love...
if they could do it, surely I could try!

So  little by little I started a business... and I am now sewing doll bedding, making miniatures, creating little things...
And I am loving it.
I create doll bedding, little quilts and sheet sets.
I do custom orders for people who want me to use the fabric their designer used when decorating their little girl's room, and make doll bedding to match!
My favorite is to use vintage fabrics, sheets, laces...etc....
Floral and cottage style fabrics make the sweetest little patchwork quilts.
 Blythe dolls have quite a following....they love comfy bedding too!

I've made doll bedding for people all around the world, and they send me pictures of their dolls sleeping on the bedding. One gal from Australia sent me a picture of her CATS sleeping on the French inspired linen comforters I created with pillows and shams....yes it was for them!

 I get inspired by looking at vintage bedding, Pottery Barn bedding, Pinterest decorating boards-Bedrooms, blogs.

 American Girl Dolls Bedding....I get new ideas every day. I told my husband I needed some know to get the housework and bills done. Mr. Farmer just rolled his I did the dishes anyway! hahahaha

I am also taking care of my little 86 year old mother, so I needed to quit my job and be home. 

All I could think of was...
I know how to sew....
so I started sewing.

I had an offer from a doll company to create for them and they would sell my doll bedding...which was exciting...but they wanted rights to all of MY DESIGNS...
So I graciously said no.
We will see where this next year leads.
But I feel like I am on to something.

In the next few weeks I am going to start sharing some of my Etsy ideas...and things I do that helped me and maybe can help someone too.
Stay tuned!


March 10, 2014

A little Cottage Style Tea and Scones Party Affair!

Hello Everyone!
This has been a happy week, I just became a first time grandmother to a sweet little granddaughter named Emma Joy!
She is lovely in every way...
Emma seems a bit English sounding...which led me to a miniature  English table setting....
Tea, hot baked scones...home made jam, cream...
all in miniature of course!

I find little plates and decoupage Shabby or Cottage 
style roses on them,
canisters for coffee and teas have the tiniest rose buds on them too.
Fresh blueberry muffins on a tray are waiting to be served on the table...a fresh berry  tart...
Silverware is bundled up with napkins made from cottage 
style prints...ready to be placed on the table for guests at 
the tea party!

 Tablecloth and linens are freshly pressed for the table setting. 
 I have made scones for years, my family loves them. So it seemed fitting to make them in miniature for the little tea party!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

February 27, 2014

Lemon Tarts and a Miniature Lemon Colored Cottage Patchwork Quilt

Hello sweet ones, I have been baking (polymer clay food & real food) little lemon tarts, lemon curd, lemon bars....
My sweet mother-in-law has a Meyer Lemon tree (part lemon and orange) and it has amazing lemon juice. California is blessed to have these lemon trees everywhere!
So I have tried to be creative and use up this delightful lemon juice.
It seemed fitting to make a little quilt with cheery spring colors including yellow!
And for anyone who has an urge to bake these fabulous tarts...
here is a recipe below.

First I whipped up a bundt cake and covered it with lemon glaze, made some pie crust, and added some lemon curd to make little tarts....

 Oh yummy! I love all the goodness fresh fruit brings in the spring-time.


February 18, 2014

Baking Zone in the Cottage Kitchen

Hey everyone!
 I lay in bed at night with too many ideas fluttering past my eyes...even though they are closed.  I have been thinking of baking zones....organizing the kitchen more...I have all my baking supplies in one place to make baking and cooking more streamlined.   But I needed more...a little miniature inspiration above!
I found these ideas on Pinterest  when I looked up Baking Zone, Baking Organization, Baking Armoire...Pinterest has ample ideas, pictures, DIY I went from there.
I listed source for you...
 source: Farmchicks blog
 source; unknown...found on Pinterest
  source; unknown...found on Pinterest
My miniature baking zone below is finished!
Canisters for baking ingredients...
a kitchen aid style mixer...
fresh eggs and other ingredients for baking...
kitchen towels for cleaning up messes...cookbooks and recipes,
bowls, pots and pans...all stored in one place for easy access. I love it! Let's bake a pie!

I will show my baking zone that I am working on at home very is almost completed.
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