August 21, 2015

Making little things, small but significant!

I love August! You know why? I know we are on the countdown to Fall, which is my favorite time of the year!
 With Fall in mind I am working on  little bedding sets...not quite summer...and not quite fall....but peach and subtle oranges and buttery yellows...Love those warm colors.

I am excited this summer to be working on bedding patterns. Dollhouse miniature bedding sets....I have sewn a few hundred! It just seemed time to come out with some patterns.
I've never done it before so it is all new.
There is lots of picture taking...typing....explaining....more pictures.
I decided pictures show more than trying to explain things.
So I believe the patterns will have more pictures in them.
It is exciting to do something new, something I haven't done before.
Hopefully I will be done soon.
I had to buy some cute pins to use in my pictures....after all a picture with just straight pins can be boring! Aren't these adorable. I got them off of Etsy. I typed in Cute Straight pins....I couldn't believe all the choices.

The pattern will have basic directions for making a sheet set, pillowcases, comforters, blankets, pillow shams and a few other things.
All dollhouse size...
I get so many requests for a pattern, I just decided to jump in all the way...
It is like jumping in the deep end of the pool though.
 Reading a lot of articles on pattern making, writing patterns, how to write an Ebook, or make a PDF pattern. Who knew there was so much information? I had to back off for a bit, it was overwhelming.

After the pattern making is complete...I am going to start on actual bedding patterns for big people beds.
Jumping in to the very deepest part of the pool now!
It just seems one thing leads to another....

And make it all from linen fabrics, beautiful luxury fabrics....

Have you tried making something tiny?
Oh it is wonderful, something so little
and sweet. I just love it!

June 24, 2015

Red, Whites and Blues-Outdoor Decorating and more

Love love love red, white and blue.
I know I've shared some of these pictures before....

but I love the quilts I have, I pull them out for this time of year.

I love the Americana look, the decor, the reason behind it, 
all of it.
I have been working full time creating little miniatures....
along with home pictures of my real home below here is some miniature eye candy!

 Prep table @

 Quilt Hutch with little tiny pieces of quilts from my collection of quilt pieces.

Now my real from the last few Memorial Day Celebrations...

 I cut out slices of melons and then used star cookie cutters to cut pieces out!

 My favorite celebration included nieces and nephews, so we pulled out the vintage stove...added buckets of candy, trays of little was a festive occasion!

Blessings to all!

June 7, 2015

Ribbonwood Cottage Patterns-Storybook Doll Bedding!

Hello everyone!  It is a beautiful day, and we are enjoying some wonderful news! We are going to be having a new grand baby in November, and we are so very excited! I am loving being a Grandmother. Just seems to fit me.

I love making little dolly blankets, beds, doll rooms, even though our grand daughter isn't old enough to enjoy these things, one day she will, and I will be up to the task of making her little dolls whatever they want!

Some interesting things have occurred. I have been approached by two different companies regarding my doll bedding designs. While that is a compliment and wonderful, I am uncomfortable with something in the contracts I have read....about them wanting control over my designs. Hmmmm....I do not like that thought, or the possibility of future designs being under their control.

With that thought in mind, I have been diligently educating myself, and learning to make patterns! What I do is actually very simple...sewing straight lines....lots of sewing. But I try to use pretty fabric.

So the next step seemed to be making patterns, taking pictures, and giving guidelines to someone to be able to make doll bedding using the fabric and designs that they have chosen. Just my directions and navigating them successfully to do it!

I love what I do. My mind is always going 100 miles an hour, and oh the ideas that I have. If I had a staff....yes of several people I could complete all the ideas in my head. I have doll bedding ideas, big people bedding ideas, doll homes, big home tablecloths and table runners that match several country and cottage style dishes, vintage ideas for a fabric line....or fabric lines....rustic and elegant dining room decor ideas....booklets, ebooks, patterns for beginners, and patterns for more mature seamstresses.  I even have an idea book that is the size of a dictionary, I have been writing down my ideas for years.

I have put together a couple of patterns, and have one more almost completed. It just helps a beginner  to sew a basic doll comforter, with lots of pictures and diagrams.  So easy. I learned how to sew doll blankets when I was 9. Nothing amazing, just basic. But I was so proud of myself, so happy, it made me feel happy inside!

The key to sewing a straight line is to sew  a straight is easy....with a little work you can get the hang of it!  Doll bedding is straight lines, from the flat sheet, to the pillow case to the pillow to the comforter. It is a lot of straight sewing. 

 I see some of you shaking your head no. 
I'm the gal in Junior High that took sewing, and sewed her sewing project to the skirt she had on. So when it came time to hold up my project for my teacher to look at....I  held my project up, and my skirt that it was sewn to  and everyone saw my underwear! TRUE STORY!  I was a disaster in sewing in 8th grade, but I learned how to sew a straight line!


I do know what I'm doing I promise.

There are more patterns to come very soon, with ideas, guidelines, fabric choices, and more! Below is the basic pattern I created for making an American Girl Doll or 18" Doll Bedding Set.  The American Girl Doll Company in no way endorses this pattern, or my Etsy business.
The pattern gives basic directions for making a comforter, ruffled pillowcase, and 3 sizes of accent pillows using your choice of fabric.
Well, I'm pretty excited about all of this. 
The pattern can be found here@
 My shop is here if you would like to look around at all the doll goodness I have been working on! 

April 12, 2015

Farmhouse Style-Farm Fresh Eggs, Milk, Homemade Pie and Grandma's Quilts

Welcome to my Ribbonwood Cottage~
I've recently been working on some dollhouse miniatures that reflect my real life at home. We actually live in a Farmhouse on a Farm in S. California.

 There are hundreds of chickens, and we sell Free Range Eggs among other things. Below is one of our roosters! Our life is filled with chores, gathering eggs, milking cows, buying way too much hay...and chicken feed!
It is hard work, but it is good work.

 Our farmhouse is filled with unique treasures - I have many of my grandmother's quilts along with my own that I have made. I have also bought a few quilts in my lifetime....(shhh...we don't want to talk about how many I have bought!)
 Tunis Sheep, pigs, Dutch Belt cows, Rhode Island Red chickens, Cotton Patch geese, ducks, heritage turkeys...and some of them tend to get out of their pens right before church...but that is another story!

 A few years ago I started making miniature quilts for my Etsy shop. I needed to stay home to take care of my parents, and sewing quilts seemed the right thing for me to do. I love beautiful fabric, and I love quilts...and my shop was specifically selling little doll quilts and bedding so it was a perfect fit.
 Below is a miniature farm fresh food scene that I made for a customer.
Not too many people know but our Farm is actually called Ribbonwood Acres Farm!
The name Ribbonwood is after the trees on our property that have bark that curls and falls off in ribbons....
 My husband has an electric milker that helps him milk two cows a day usually getting 8-9 gallons a day! Raw Fresh Milk...that makes the most amazing butter and cheese!
We continually have little takes between 4-5 months before they become layers...and we sell a lot of eggs!

Hence my fixation on miniature Farmhouse styles in my Etsy shop.  I really like to decorate vignettes.  Not everyone has a working dollhouse that they are decorating...however I have a lot of customers that are working their dollhouses around and redecorating them.
But I like to make vignettes of little furniture pieces filled with country, shabby, or cottage the vignettes on a shelf, china hutch, chest of that they can be changed out for the season and enjoyed all the time!
 My grandmother who started all of this was a Farmer's wife, with 10 children...a large Farmhouse and barn...with lots of kids to do those chores.  She made the most delicious pies and cobblers....from berries right from her garden. Oh the smell of those pies baking were enough to make one suffer.

 As a little girl I was fascinated with making dough for pies and loved to play with leftover pie dough.

 My family loves hot apple pie...and I have now mastered the art of making real apple pies...and little pies out of polymer dough....lots of rolling pins and rolling till you get the dough just right.

Psalm 128:2 You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.

I remember my grandmother had a china shelf that she had many dishes, platters and salt and  pepper shakers on.  All these dishes came in handy when there were guests staying for dinner.
 This same grandmother quilted amazing quilts....and made aprons, tablecloths, kitchen towels, hot pads....she instilled that same love of fabric, thread, needles, thimbles...sewing.
 Again I ended up using what she taught me to make my own quilts...and then a few years back I started making them for doll beds....I am in love with little quilts.
 My grandmother had loads of quilts on every bed in her house, fluffy pillow, white cotton sheets....I loved staying at her house. The little beds below have  little quilts I made for my Etsy shop in my Farmhouse Vintage collection.

 The baby cradle had to have a new little quilt too.
 I'm glad you came by! 
Thanks for stopping by to visit my Farmhouse Life!

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