November 25, 2015

Free Christmas Printables (Rustic, Woodland, Vintage and Pastel)and Coupon Code - Ribbonwood Cottage Etsy!

Hey everyone! Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Also I'm having a storewide sale in my shop.  There are over 300 items to choose from. Many items for a special one who is getting a doll...there is bedding for little dollhouses, Barbie's and Blythe dolls, American Girl dolls....and I'm taking Custom orders too which you can receive a discount on if you hurry and message me.

Also here are some Free Printables for you for the Holidays. Save to your computer  and then print out on Card stock and frame! 
Easiest Christmas decor ever!

Hover your mouse over the design, right click, a new window will open up. Click save to computer or Hard Drive, Save it under Christmas Santa, etc. Then once that is done, open it back up and print it out on Card Stock of your choice.
This is a to do list.

 I went for a Rustic Woodland theme with this printable. Print out on Yardstick, cut squares apart and make a banner using twine. Or print out on Avery Sticker Sheet, cut apart and use on your planner!

Pastel colors instead of Traditional? Not a problem. Print this printable out, and frame, or cut squares apart, glue to pastel ribbon and hang as a banner on a china hutch, over a mirror or headboard of a child's bed!
Merry Christmas!

Blessings to All!

November 6, 2015

Babies, Babydolls and Easy Peasy Newborn Baby Doll Felt Pattern

I  have had my life turned upside down by this little new grandson Elijah. Love this little guy!

When I put him in my arms for the first time, I got all mushy inside. I love little babies. Grand babies are the best.

With that in mind, I decided to venture away from the  miniature dollhouse sewing that usually fills my days, for my Etsy shop. I'm going to be in a couple Dollhouse magazines soon, and I found myself sewing several different bedding sets so the pictures would be just perfect....

But I wanted to make a baby doll. My mother made me endless little fabric dolls, with outfits, blankets, sheets, pillows. I played for hours with all those little things. My love for sewing and for making baby doll accessories began early on.

I just had to make a baby doll ....a pattern....easy but cute so that anyone that could sew a basic seam could sew it. Laying in bed, drifting to sleep, I knew exactly how the pattern should Pattern piece for the doll. Simple and very sweet and cute and huggable and lovable. A child learns to love and nurture at an early age. I know I did.

I love this little doll. I've made so many now I can't count. Made in any color of felt, to replicate skin tone, outfits that can be layered. The pattern includes the doll body pattern piece, and pictures galore to guide you every step of the way. It is SO SIMPLE! You can make a diaper, headband, slip, dress and jacket. You should see my sewing room, there are these sweet dolls everywhere. They are sitting in little doll chairs, or sleeping on doll beds. They fit perfectly on a Ginny doll bed (Vintage) or Barbie/Blythe doll sized bed. I've also made a few patterns for little quilts and blankets for them to cuddle up with! I love it.
I think patterns should be simple, and you should use the prettiest fabric you can find.
When my sweet daughter was growing up I gained so much joy and satisfaction from making her something to play with. 

She's grown now, and we play with makeup and fun grown up stuff!
I hope you will try one of my patterns, and if you do I'd love to see pictures of it. Use the hashtag #ribbonwoodcottage so we can enjoy it on social media.
You can visit me and see more too over at my Etsy shop-

October 31, 2015

10 Minute Doll/Dollhouse Pillow-DIY

Hello! Being a seamstress for many years,  I thought it might be helpful to share with you how I make a doll pillow. This takes about 10 minutes from start to finish once you have your fabric and supplies and are ready to go!

I make doll/dollhouse bedding for a living in my Etsy shop and I have tried to implement as many shortcuts as possible when sewing while still maintaining quality and accuracy. Sometimes I will make 50 pillows or more in a week! Yikes! What?

When making dollhouse items, they are so tiny that if I am even 1/4" off it can throw the entire item off.

If you are interested in coupons to my shop, free printables and lots of wonderful Seasonal goodness, make sure you sign up for my seasonal newsletter at the top right of my blog. I try to give away and make it something everyone can enjoy!

Most dollhouse beds are approximately 4"-5" wide. So if we are making two pillows they should total 4"-5" width when placed next to each other. Little beds need little pillows!

We will be making two pillows that will each end up being 2" x 2"( I will give you more measurements at the end of this post for other doll size pillows-bigger but using same technique!)

What you will need-
1/8 yard of fabric, or fabric scraps
polyester stuffing of your choice
sewing machine, or fabric glue
needle and thread

For each pillow;
Cut 1 long rectangle 2 1/2" x 5"

Fold rectangle in half and pin as shown in photo. When looking at the photo below, you will sew only the left side and the right side. The bottom edge is to be left open.

 I sew using a small 1/4" seam allowance...bigger seams lead to bigger bulk and you are sewing little so your seams need to be little.

Once both sides have been sewn, remove pins, trim threads and turn pillow right sides out.

Take a small amount of stuffing and fill pillow.

After the pillow is stuffed, turn the raw edges of the pillow inside approximately 1/4" and pin pillow closed.  SEW the pillow closed. Remove pins and trim threads.
 Your pillow is ready! Or you can make some more!
On this bed below, there are two aqua pillows in the back, two white pillows in front of them, and the pink and white checked fabric pillow in front of them all using the size of pillow just made.
The accent pillow is a bit smaller. I cut it 2" x 4" instead of 2 1/2" x 5" and made it the perfect size pillow for an accent pillow!

I have also made a very comprehensive doll bedding pattern for those of you that would like a little more detail in sewing. It includes directions and tons of pictures for making the following:
flat sheet and matching pillowcases
ruffled comforter
ruffled pillowcases
pillow insert
pillow sham
dust ruffle
rug for the floor
It can be found here. 

It is a PDF and an automatic download.  There are 40 pages of pictures and directions. If you can sew a straight seam you can make everything in the pattern. I made it very simple.

Other size pillows that can be made using this same technique.
Rectangle pillows- Cut rectangle 2 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Larger square pillows for dollhouse bed (sham or Euro size) cut rectangle 3" x 6"
Accent pillow for dollhouse bed or to place in a chair cut rectangle 1 1/2" x 3"
If you have questions you can leave a comment or email me. I'm happy to help!

One last thing-I have found that all doll beds are different sizes. After making bedding for hundreds maybe over a thousand beds I can tell you they are different sizes and yet say they are standard dollhouse size. Don't let this throw you.  I'm happy to help you figure out measurements if you need.

Thank you! Have an awesome weekend sewing!

October 1, 2015

Cottage Style Bedding for Miniature Dollhouse Beds-42 Page Ebook and PDF pattern

Hey everyone! I am excited to share about some wonderful things that have been happening on the Ribbonwood Cottage Home front.
Many of you know a few years ago I quit my  job to stay home and take care of my elderly parents. This necessitated a different job that would allow me to work at home.   I started selling Rodan + Fields which enabled me to work at home and fulfill my dream of working on miniatures, designing and making things to sell. If you ever get approached by a friend who strongly encourages you to jump on their Rodan + Fields team DO IT! It was the best decision I have ever made. 
It has allowed me to work at home and work on my passion, and create all the things I have had stored inside me for a lifetime.

I have had doll companies approach me about selling my items and me creating bedding for their lines. The only problem is they want all rights to my designs.  

I couldn't do it.
That made me look at the next level....a little scary!
When I have looked at countless pictures and magazines of beautiful beds, I just loved the layered look. Crisp white sheets edged in lace, fold back over layers of blankets, comforters and throws....pillows galore....

The key to me was beautiful fabric. After all sheets and pillows are all squares and rectangles so the sewing never seemed difficult to me....but the fabric was very important between pretty....and UGLY!

Cottage Style Bedding for Miniature Dollhouse Beds started out as a couple pictures and line drawings....and now escalated into a full measure comprehensive Ebook PDF pattern. 

It is part book since there are over 20 pages of just color pictures of all the most popular rooms and dollhouse cottage style bedding that I have made. And then there are 20 pages of pictures showing you step by step how to make things.

At 55 I knew I needed a new set of skills to get me where I needed to go....pattern the pattern....taking professional pictures...adding a BUY IT NOW button on to my blog...

How do you do all these things? After a lot of reading and researching I have been finding my way. This book helped me the most-"Selling PDF's the easy way here @ Several things I had already done, but she maps out how to do certain things and it was like a road map!

One site that also helped immensely I found here @

Making the pattern was not hard. Taking pictures of every step was not hard. 

How do you tell someone to do what you do?

But I felt that after making bedding and dressing over 250 big and little doll beds I knew a little bit about the subject. 

While this Christmas picture below is indicative of what I make....the entire bedding set, this picture is not in my new book. But how to make this basic look is.

Euro shams, pillowcases with little pillows inside, blankets, ruffled comforters. You just choose the fabric, and I will show you how to make and layer this look!

The pattern is an in depth set of pictures and instructions, very easy I believe, that show you step by step how to make little sheets, pillows, comforters, shams, dust ruffles, mattress, rugs...etc for your little doll bed and room. I have been a seamstress for over 40 years and I have learned a few tricks to make things easier which I share in my new Ebook PDF pattern. 

If you can sew a straight can make everything in this pattern!

Paypal link is in the upper right hand corner to purchase this pattern.

September 29, 2015

Free Candy Corn Printable and Fall Printables

I absolutely love free printables. I loved them before they were a 'thing'. I remember years ago when I first started blogging, looking for free background graphics to add to my blog, or to add as a background paper. Then I found free vintage graphics, free cross stitch patterns, free To Do lists...and the list goes on and on!

So for this year I thought I would start out the Fall Months with a COUPLE FREE PRINTABLES...right click on them, save them to your computer, and then print out and frame, make a banner, or decoupage to a canvas board and you will have free Fall and Halloween decorations. 

This Free Candy Corn Printable I made from a saying we started when our kids were little.  It's a little saying that has been in our family for years. Our three kids wouldn't eat vegetables...nothing new about that. But during October Candy Corn would show up in the store and our kids would ask if there was really corn in the candy.

So I told them yes and that Candy Corn was actually my favorite vegetable....hence the free printable!

The Fall Printable below can be framed or printed out and made into a banner by gluing each letter to twine or ribbon.


I have an awesome Halloween Vintage looking Printable for sale in my Etsy shop too. It is much more ornate and I made the original into a large banner to be hung on a large white armoire that is filled with fall quilts. 


September 4, 2015

Happy Fall Ya'll...start decorating and start baking!

Hey everyone! It is time to celebrate since Fall is definitely around the corner....
pull out the warm fuzzy afghans, wonderful scented candles, and start baking.
With cooler weather the family comes indoors...and they want to eat!

These are some of my miniatures I've been working on. Miniature baked cakes...spice cakes, pies, hot cider...I love it.

 My husbands family had a dessert when he was little called Tunnel of Fudge I did my best trying to replicate it. He said it was a gooey chocolate bundt cake and when you cut into it, there was a fudgey center. Oh my gosh that sounds good right about now. But this is polymer clay and is not edible!

 Many of my customers don't decorate dollhouses they decorate a kitchen shelf and they want a little miniature vignette that people can see when they walk by. Enjoying it during the season. So these are called prep boards. Food prep board...made out of polymer clay and decorated for the season.

Have a Happy Fall Ya'll!

August 21, 2015

Making little things, small but significant!

I love August! You know why? I know we are on the countdown to Fall, which is my favorite time of the year!
 With Fall in mind I am working on  little bedding sets...not quite summer...and not quite fall....but peach and subtle oranges and buttery yellows...Love those warm colors.

I am excited this summer to be working on bedding patterns. Dollhouse miniature bedding sets....I have sewn a few hundred! It just seemed time to come out with some patterns.
I've never done it before so it is all new.
There is lots of picture taking...typing....explaining....more pictures.
I decided pictures show more than trying to explain things.
So I believe the patterns will have more pictures in them.
It is exciting to do something new, something I haven't done before.
Hopefully I will be done soon.
I had to buy some cute pins to use in my pictures....after all a picture with just straight pins can be boring! Aren't these adorable. I got them off of Etsy. I typed in Cute Straight pins....I couldn't believe all the choices.

The pattern will have basic directions for making a sheet set, pillowcases, comforters, blankets, pillow shams and a few other things.
All dollhouse size...
I get so many requests for a pattern, I just decided to jump in all the way...
It is like jumping in the deep end of the pool though.
 Reading a lot of articles on pattern making, writing patterns, how to write an Ebook, or make a PDF pattern. Who knew there was so much information? I had to back off for a bit, it was overwhelming.

After the pattern making is complete...I am going to start on actual bedding patterns for big people beds.
Jumping in to the very deepest part of the pool now!
It just seems one thing leads to another....

And make it all from linen fabrics, beautiful luxury fabrics....

Have you tried making something tiny?
Oh it is wonderful, something so little
and sweet. I just love it!

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