April 12, 2015

Farmhouse Style-Farm Fresh Eggs, Milk, Homemade Pie and Grandma's Quilts

Welcome to my Ribbonwood Cottage~
I've recently been working on some dollhouse miniatures that reflect my real life at home. We actually live in a Farmhouse on a Farm in S. California.

 There are hundreds of chickens, and we sell Free Range Eggs among other things. Below is one of our roosters! Our life is filled with chores, gathering eggs, milking cows, buying way too much hay...and chicken feed!
It is hard work, but it is good work.

 Our farmhouse is filled with unique treasures - I have many of my grandmother's quilts along with my own that I have made. I have also bought a few quilts in my lifetime....(shhh...we don't want to talk about how many I have bought!)
 Tunis Sheep, pigs, Dutch Belt cows, Rhode Island Red chickens, Cotton Patch geese, ducks, heritage turkeys...and some of them tend to get out of their pens right before church...but that is another story!

 A few years ago I started making miniature quilts for my Etsy shop. I needed to stay home to take care of my parents, and sewing quilts seemed the right thing for me to do. I love beautiful fabric, and I love quilts...and my shop was specifically selling little doll quilts and bedding so it was a perfect fit.
 Below is a miniature farm fresh food scene that I made for a customer.
Not too many people know but our Farm is actually called Ribbonwood Acres Farm!
The name Ribbonwood is after the trees on our property that have bark that curls and falls off in ribbons....
 My husband has an electric milker that helps him milk two cows a day usually getting 8-9 gallons a day! Raw Fresh Milk...that makes the most amazing butter and cheese!
We continually have little chicks...it takes between 4-5 months before they become layers...and we sell a lot of eggs!

Hence my fixation on miniature Farmhouse styles in my Etsy shop.  I really like to decorate vignettes.  Not everyone has a working dollhouse that they are decorating...however I have a lot of customers that are working their dollhouses around and redecorating them.
But I like to make vignettes of little furniture pieces filled with country, shabby, or cottage decor....place the vignettes on a shelf, china hutch, chest of drawers...so that they can be changed out for the season and enjoyed all the time!
 My grandmother who started all of this was a Farmer's wife, with 10 children...a large Farmhouse and barn...with lots of kids to do those chores.  She made the most delicious pies and cobblers....from berries right from her garden. Oh the smell of those pies baking were enough to make one suffer.

 As a little girl I was fascinated with making dough for pies and loved to play with leftover pie dough.

 My family loves hot apple pie...and I have now mastered the art of making real apple pies...and little pies out of polymer dough....lots of rolling pins and rolling till you get the dough just right.

Psalm 128:2 You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.

I remember my grandmother had a china shelf that she had many dishes, platters and salt and  pepper shakers on.  All these dishes came in handy when there were guests staying for dinner.
 This same grandmother quilted amazing quilts....and made aprons, tablecloths, kitchen towels, hot pads....she instilled that same love of fabric, thread, needles, thimbles...sewing.
 Again I ended up using what she taught me to make my own quilts...and then a few years back I started making them for doll beds....I am in love with little quilts.
 My grandmother had loads of quilts on every bed in her house, fluffy pillow, white cotton sheets....I loved staying at her house. The little beds below have  little quilts I made for my Etsy shop in my Farmhouse Vintage collection.

 The baby cradle had to have a new little quilt too.
 I'm glad you came by! 
Thanks for stopping by to visit my Farmhouse Life!

March 27, 2015

Easy DIY Pastel Spring and Easter Chick Banner-Pink and Yellow!

Joining in with one of my favorite blog parties 
and blog hostesses-Beverly!
A little pink and a little spring decor for you to make....easy peasy!

We love Easter and love all that it brings.
We celebrate at church and at home...
Easter egg hunts, lots of home cooked food!
ON my shelf I wanted a banner that drew the colors together, so I landed on pink and yellow but you could embellish your banner with any Spring colors you desire.

I did use my sewing machine but you can always use that sewing glue that attaches fabric to itself instead....this is supposed to be easy.
You could even use scrapbook paper instead of fabric and get a similar look!

What you will need:
Cream wool felt for back ground....a few squares from the craft store or less than a 1/4 of a yard.
Rick rack ( I chose pink but aqua would be pretty too.)
Yellow fabric for chicks-just a few scraps or a fat quarter
Yellow gingham fabric for the background of the banner.
buttons-I chose buttons that matched the rick rack
orange rick rack- for the beaks(you could use orange felt or fabric too_)
Pink gingham check for the bows(or use ribbon, I used fabric)
small white rick rack for legs
Cut your felt triangles 5" wide and 6" long from top to point. Cut four triangles.

 For the chick pattern, I sketched my own, but looked up on Google and found several that you could use and print out. YOu just need the outline shape of the chick...the rest is very easy!
The best pattern I found was at this link below, but I added a couple cute ones that could be used to for you.


Next using your pattern, cut four chicks out of the yellow fabric.
Pin the 4 chicks to the four triangles, next take a strip of rick rack...about two inches long, fold the strip in half like picture below and pin underneath chicks body. When you sew around the chick you want to make sure you sew across the rick rack which is underneath the chick.

 Next at an angle snip your rick rack for the beak and sew it onto your chick. I used a black sharpie for the little chick's eye. Once this is done Sew your felt triangle onto a larger fabric triangle ( I placed the triangle onto the yellow gingham fabric and  cut around this...eyeballing it, you are not making a quilt so perfection isn't important)After your four triangles have the back ground fabric you are going to link them together with your rick rack. You want at least 6-12" of rick rack left over on each side of your banner for hanging it.
Once your banner is sewn together you are going to embellish it with little bows and buttons.
I took a scrap of pink gingham and cut a long 1" strip and then cut this strip every 3".
You are going to pinch the center of each strip and sew across it to make your bow. Once you have sewn all the strips, you will sew it in between your triangles. There were 3 of these bows.
Add a button to the center of each of your bows.
I also added buttons at the bottom point of the triangles...just for something extra cute!
When you are finished hang it up.
I hung my banner with clear pin tacks onto a shelf in my kitchen.

I hope you make one and enjoy it!
Blessings and Happy Easter!

March 13, 2015

Spring Pink, White and Aqua Decor, Miniature Decor and a Wonderful New Job!

Whew what a few weeks it has been since the New Year! Seemed appropriate to post something pink and wonderful and springy! 
Playing along with the wonderful Party Miss Beverly started a few years ago that is now Famous! I remember the very first one!
 These are all my little Miniature Creations in my Floral Collection. I love roses, love spring, love fabric, love shabby, love cottage-throw them all together and this is what I see in my head!
 Bedding with lots of layers, and beautiful fabric....lace edged sheets...lots of pink here and there!
 I decided a couple of years ago to throw myself into my Etsy shop and see if I started making things what kind of response I would get....just started sewing what I saw in my head....
 Then I realized I needed to order some miniatures to go along with all the fabric things I was making, then decided I needed to learn some new skills....making polymer foods. 

Yikes this was not easy...it wasn't hard but it was a process. So I started watching Youtube videos how to make pies, cakes, cupcakes all very tiny of course.  I threw away a lot of misshapen baked items, horrible pies and cakes...burnt clay items...Yikes what a learning experience.
 Then I needed to learn to make little Easter eggs, and rolled out dough and cookies....I had packages of dishes coming to me from China....so many that my friends asked me at the Post Office what I was up to and doing! hahahaha....

I handed them my business card (had to order those too....) and said visit my website and see what I've been up to. 
 I found the little bunnies at a store and spray painted them for my table vignette.

Look below at that little muffin tin! Isn't that the sweetest little thing?
 I print out old recipe cards and make the font 2 or even 1 so it prints out tiny tiny...then I cut it out and fold it to look like a well loved recipe card!
It has been so fun, and a new life skill, filled with learning lessons. But during this time my mom passed away and that was very difficult because I had to quit my day job to take care of her 2 years ago.  But rough times often lead to new directions.

The good news is I started selling Rodan  + Fields skincare from home...have you heard of it? The doctors that created ProActiv...anyhow I started doing that as my new job, and it has been incredible and it is even better financially then my last job! And I'm able to work from home. So I feel very blessed. 
 I'm doing things I would never have thought I would do at 55....but I'm loving it....I'm happy....I get to work from home and it is a good season in my life.  
Also the Rodan + Fields job time wise gives me the opportunity financially to do the miniatures and have my Etsy shop which is what I love to do! Yay!


I cut up old quilts or torn linens and fold them in little hutches to look like my life size quilt hutch I have at home!

Thank you for visiting! Have an awesome weekend! 

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